What's Next?

The Saga Continues

The story of your pack will continue in the Saga -- an upcoming expansion (free to anyone who owns the game) where you can live the entire life of your wolf. The seasons roll by as you raise a new litter of pups every year: feeding them, defending them from competitors, and helping them learn how to hunt big prey. Yearlings help with the new pups until they too may decide to disperse and join or form another pack. With tenacity and skill (and some luck), build your legacy of skilled hunters and pack leaders! Can you survive long enough to become a legendary wolf of Yellowstone?

More DLC maps are also coming!

Once the game is completed on PC/Mac, we will turn our attention to other platforms.

WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition: Early Access for PC/Mac

WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition is available for PC/Mac on Steam and, as Early Access. We have released:

  • Amethyst Mountain, the first episode/map
  • Slough Creek, the second episode/map
  • Lost River Classic standalone map
  • Multiplayer for Amethyst Mountain, Slough Creek, and Lost River CLassic.
  • Yellowstone Wolf Coat DLC Fifteen wolf coats based on Yellowstone wolves!
  • Building Character DLC Injuries, oddities, and ten more wolf coats.

While in Early Access, we are updating the game frequently with more features.

What's Still to Come?

The WolfQuest Saga will continue life with your pups as you raise a new generation of skilled hunters.

With the upcoming Tower Fall map (DLC), you can choose to live further south into the valley of the Yellowstone River with Tower Fall thundering nearby.

We will be making a bigger, expanded, improved Lost River map (DLC) — one that’s equal to the scope and quality of Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek.

Once the game is completed on PC/Mac, we will turn our attention to other platforms.

Updates & Patches

While WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is in Early Access, we release updates and patches (fixes) frequently. The game updates itself automatically when you launch. See all the updates and patches: PATCHES & UPDATES: WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

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Slough Creek Multiplayer Released!

16 December 2021

Raise pups with old or new friends online! We would not have gotten here without the diligent playtesting by our private and public beta testers, so thanks to all of you!

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