2015, the New Year

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2015, the New Year

Post by Sambhur » Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:27 pm

With roughly a week to go until the new year, it seems like now is a good time to start talking.

How was 2014 for you? Were there highs and lows? Did it change you as a person? Did you form memories that you'll never forget?

How do you hope 2015 will be? Any plans you're excited for? New opportunities?

Personally, 2014 was interesting. Relationships changed and I learned things. I like how my art has been this year. I went well in this year of school. I'm worried 2015 will bring stress, but the more I think about that, the more likely it'll be to happen. I'm hoping to improve in time and stress management, and in my art. I want to try new things but I'm also afraid that I won't have time to as this year is when my school work gets serious and actually kind of matters.
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Re: 2015, the New Year

Post by Floofysaur » Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:44 pm

I would have to say it myself. This year was quite the year despite the blurs from events and social gatherings. There were many moments that have put a smile on my face, keeping me together and sharing my bonds with others. Made new friends this year, so I got that going for me well. Nothing really changed from previous years, regardingplaces to see or what to do physically/mentally.

What I am looking forward to the new year is just forgiveness and gratitude. Having the best of the best and making change for myself and others. Hoping that this change I'm planning will be good enough. Memories shall last.
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Re: 2015, the New Year

Post by Mist Haven » Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:06 pm

I'm really hoping to start standing up for what I believe in. Sometimes, during this year, I had many moments where I couldn't voice my views, and I hate how I let those chances go. Basically, I want to become more daring, to make memories.

Speaking of memories, I don't have many special ones, due to me spending a lot of my time in front of a screen. I admit to that, and I really hope to change that, but I am a procrastinator so yet another goal ^^ But overall, this was an amazing year, I made a few new friends, I went through a big change in my life, and I learned a few lessons ^^
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Re: 2015, the New Year

Post by alethe » Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:29 am

I'm not making any promises this year.
None. At all.

All I know is that 2015 better be the stuff. 2013 and 2014 were total garbage years.

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Re: 2015, the New Year

Post by Chumpkins_ » Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:46 am

Its been an okay year, the summer was great
September - november were horrible, with family issues and all, but its getting better
Not really looking forward to 2015, but we'll see how it goes
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Re: 2015, the New Year

Post by Masika » Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:35 am

I would have to say that 2014 has been a rather mixed year for me; a lot of good moments and a lot of bad moments. The friends who I started the year with in comparison to the people I'm ending the year with are significantly different, but its for the better; I'm a lot happier with my current group of friends than I have been with past friends c: My ambitions have changed during the course of the year as well. Probably one of the best things this year was that I got the grades I wanted in my first year of A-Levels, which makes me feel very accomplished as I've tried my best to work hard to whole year; I feel like I've proved certain teachers and people wrong, which is always a good feeling rofl. Towards the end of this year I've been feeling very burnt out though, but hopefully I feel refreshed for the new year!

In terms of 2015, I'm not sure what to expect. It'll be quite a big year as it'll be the year I finish my A-Levels and start my first year of university around September time, so that'll be quite exciting. I know that this year will bring a lot of stress, but I hope that managing my stress is something I can improve on as I'm quite a stress head. I also want to try and manage my time better as I always seem to neglect the work that I least enjoy, but I know it has to be done either way. I'll just have to try and take whatever 2015 wants to throw at me positively.
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Re: 2015, the New Year

Post by FoxyWolfy » Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:46 pm

2014 was a good year. I leased the most amazing horse ever during it, and improved and made milestones with my riding. School is going well. My family has had some stressful times, but it is good to be together and alive. And on WQ? Well, I started to become active on the forums after about a half year of kicking it on MP. I made Fox-Taill's tail into an awesome parody with the help of Arctica10. And, of course, I started a pack that is one of the most active and is flying right now. I couldn't have done that, and had so much fun, without my best friends on here. I would like to thank a few of them for an amazing year of unity and fun, even through some drama.

Arctica10: you are amazing!!! I couldn't have the fun I have on this game without you. You are the best friend ever and I wish you well for 2015! Luv ya!

K9 warlock: now I come to you. Well, I could not have laughed as much this year without you. You are an amazing friend, and your countless times with me in MP are always memorable. Happy new year, buddy!

The11Doctor: I haven't rped with you as much as arctic and code, but each one is just as magical. Your friendship is so faithful, I can't thank you enough for that. My WQ life would not be the same without you. Happy 2015!

ImpossibleRose: wow, I always smile when I think of your little peach-colored pup. My family on WQ is so wonderful, you are an essential part of it. Enjoy 2015, my friend!

2829 Bash: I haven't known you for long, but you are as much in my heart as all of these. I look forward to getting to know you better. Happy new year!!!

Of course I can't say thank you enough to the members of the Great Travelers Pack. You rock, family! Happy '15!!!!

A happy new year to the WQ mods and admins! To everyone else in the WQ community, I wish you a wonderful year!
What's in store for me? Well, changes are coming, I'll just have to see how I handle them. I'll still be here on WQ, running the Travelers and bonding with friends. I can't wait to make more friends on this wonderful game and community. Go WQ and 2015!
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