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Should wolves and their pups be allowed to be trapped and hunted in most of Idaho for 100+ days/yr?

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Idaho Wolves

Post by foxtrotmoon » Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:33 pm

So I haven't posted anything on here yet since I am fairly shy, but I would like to put this out there for community members. The wolves in Idaho are in trouble, because the state is trying to allow a number of extended hunting and trapping movements. If you would like to help prevent this, I would try searching it and saying you strongly disagree on the state game website.(I think I said that right, sorry for any errors.) I feel this is not a good idea, since it allows an individual to kill up to 30 wolves in a year, including pups, expecting mother wolves, and any other wolves. The wolves in Idaho could get completely wiped out. Also, sorry if someone already brought this up, I just wanted to share since there is a small window to join in on the public comments to help prevent it. I don't remember if we are allowed to put links in here. Sorry again! I hope everyone finds this helpful. And thank you Wolf Quest, you guys are heroes! :D

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Re: Idaho Wolves

Post by Koa » Sun Apr 12, 2020 11:54 am

Moved to Wolf Conservation.

We generally don't allow topics like this without a news article or a link to the page to accompany them. The only publication I could find that specifically mentions up to 30 individuals being bagged by one person is, which, I don't find reliable. Both local news publications, Idaho Statesman and Spokesman-Review do not mention that, and seem to convey that the proposal is more nuanced (i.e., year-round hunting in only southern areas of Idaho, year-round hunting on private lands experiencing chronic wolf depredation, etc.). The wolf population of Idaho is at 1,541 animals, compared to 786 animals in 2015 when their last count was completed. Recovery mandates that they maintain a population of at least 150 animals. They will not go below that amount. Additionally, harvest rates are very low. Hunters only at a .04% chance of success in 2019's harvest and killed 188 wolves, according to Idaho County Free Press. Idaho gave out 45,000 tags for the season. ... free-zone/ ... 99308.html ... e7ef2.html

Anyway, the comment period has passed, so I will be locking this now.

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