Alaskan authorities confirm killing of 10 wolves as legal

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Alaskan authorities confirm killing of 10 wolves as legal

Post by Koa » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:45 pm

Alaska authorities: Nothing illegal about killing of 10 wolves
By Staff, April 3, 2018

FAIRBANKS—Photographs being distributed to news media and circulated on social media showing a man with the carcasses of 10 wolves he reportedly killed don't show anything illegal, according to Alaska Wildlife Troopers.
Read the full article here: ... 744ea.html
Alaska Department of Fish and Game press release: "Wolves Pictured in Media Campaign Were Legally Harvested"
Circulated photos

The photos were shared in this article but I would read with caution as relies heavily on information from PEER, which is the organization Rick Steiner is apart of (who is the individual who circulated the photos according to Newsminer). Here is PEER's ridiculous press release as well. In PEER's press release, there is mention of the use of an AR-15 and no mention of whether or not that use was uncertain. In the article from National Parks Traveler, it is mentioned in the photo caption (and not definitively, as the caption reads, "These photos appear to indicate that an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle was used to kill wolves near Denali National Park/PEER) and in the lede of the article-- and, as expected, the possible use of an AR-15 contaminated the comment section. These organizations' releases and articles only mean to mislead and to sensationalize.

I am glad the Alaska Department of Fish and Game called it as it should be called in their press release: a "media campaign." This is exactly the kind of sensationalist and biased nonsense that circulates and ends up misinforming people, and it certainly does not help the case of the wolf, at all.

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