How many times a day does a wolf go hunting?

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How many times a day does a wolf go hunting?

Post by TheOnlyTherian » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:09 pm

I'm wondering how many times a day does a wolf go hunting for big game? Like elk, bison, deer and so on. And so, how many times does a wolf have to eat within a day? Because the red bar in the game doesn't always have to be full right in order to make the game more realistic?
I want my playtime to be quite realistic as a real wolf in-game. Just to make it more fun. :wolf:
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Re: How many times a day does a wolf go hunting?

Post by Koa » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:52 pm

It's more an issue of poundage and what the wolf has consumed as opposed to how many times one must hunt within a given time frame, e.g., a wolf could count cached food as a part of that poundage. That doesn't count as "going out on a hunt." So really, it varies. The information below should clarify this information for you.
How much do wolves eat?
Getting enough to eat is a full-time job for a wolf. When wolves catch and kill a large mammal, they will gorge and then rest while the food is being rapidly digested. They will generally consume all but the hide, some of the large bones and skull and the rumen (stomach contents of ungulates) of their prey. Gray wolves can survive on about 2 1/2 pounds of food per wolf per day, but they require about 7 pounds per wolf per day to reproduce successfully. The most a large gray wolf can eat at one time is about 22.5 pounds. Adult wolves can survive for days and even weeks without food if they have to. Growing pups, however, require regular nourishment in order to be strong enough to travel and hunt with the adults by the autumn of their first year. Wolves often rely on food they have cached after a successful hunt in order to see them through lean times.

How many prey animals do wolves kill per year?
Wolves depend on a variety of large ungulates (hoofed animals) for food. Although studies have been conducted in some areas to determine the actual number of prey killed each year, the results are estimates. For example, an estimate for deer “equivalent” ranges from 15 to 19 adult-sized deer per wolf per year (equivalent refers to the mass of deer consumed by wolves, not individual deer). Given the 2013 estimate of 2,200 wolves in Minnesota, for instance, that would equal 33,000 to 41,800 deer killed by wolves. In comparison, hunters killed approximately 128,814 deer during the 2013 firearms deer harvest season. Additionally, several thousand deer are killed during collisions with vehicles each year (interesting fact). ... wolf-faqs/

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