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Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:36 pm
by Faye326

Wolves of the Sawtooth

Table of Contents

About the Pack

If you were curious why we called the pack this name, well, we wanted a specific theme. The Sawtooth Mountains are a real range that is located in central Idaho in the United States. Wolves actually do reside there as do other types of animals. We wanted to create a tribal/Native American theme that stood out from just your "typical" pack outlook. So, we gathered inspiration. It was a unique way to design what life could be like for wolves in this manner if it were actually possible.
Still unsure or curious? Your thoughts have now been eased through this link to gather more helpful and truthful information to clarify.
HERE to follow.

Pack Information
    • ► Pack creation date: March 3rd, 2019.
      ► Color scheme:
      ► Member count: 16 || 12 WQ || 4 NWQ
      ► Character count: 7 || 11 M || 10 F
      ► Theme song: Sahara Love by Above and Beyond Remix - Seven Lions
      ► Motto: "The strength of the wolf is in its pack."
      ► Website:
      ► Discord:
      Legend: TBD - To Be Decided || WQ - from WolfQuest forums || NWQ - Non-WolfQuest, from outside the forums || M - Male character || F - Female character

Pack Rules
      • Forum Rules
      ◄ I. You must comply to all ProBoard rules. Players of all ages are allowed, but we generally prefer 13+.
      ◄ II. No god-modding, power-playing, OP characters, mary sues, etc. Have common sense and courtesy when creating characters and roleplaying.
      ◄ III. Always be kind to other players OOC. Any conflicts between players should be handled privately. If you can't handle a situation on your own, please contact Burn.
      ◄ IV. Please do not discuss politics or religion on the site or in the Discord server. Any harassment over someone's religion, sexuality, or gender identity will not be tolerated. Please use people's preferred pronouns. We want everyone to be comfortable here!
      ◄ V. Be literate! During on-site roleplay, 100+ words per post is preferred. Literate means good grammar, NOT overly flowery vocabulary. Keep the setting and audience in mind. A semi-realistic wolf RP isn't the place for words like fae, oculars, audits, etc.
      ◄ VI. Try to be active and check in monthly. The more active you are, the more likely you'll be to get plots and character development. We will also have monthly activity checks.
      ◄ VII. Please don't use art as profile pictures unless you drew it yourself or can prove you have permission (such as screenshots of you being granted permission by the artist). We would also prefer if players found photos that are licensed for free use. You can just use google advanced image search to look for free to use photos, as well as sites like DawnThieves. We won't enforce this but we do prefer it, since there has been amazing wolf photographers who completely stopped sharing their work due to people using their photos in RPs without permission.
      ◄ VIII. This is a PG-13 roleplay. You can use profanity, but try to keep things to a minimum or put a warning in your post if you're using hard words. There will obviously be some violence as wolves may fight or attack other animals, but don't use excessive gory descriptions. Any sexual content is not allowed! Don't post anything suggestive or explicit on threads, and even doing so in PMs is against Proboard's ToS. Don't talk about inappropriate or illegal things and don't roleplay them.
      • Roleplay Rules
      ◄ I. Players can start with up to 10 adult wolves, pups will only be born in spring IC, and then roleplayed however long you like. Pups will grow up and eventually become adults at 2 years of age, but until then they will act like pups and then teenagers.
      ◄ II. This is a semi-realistic roleplay. Please try to stick to the setting and some amounts of realistic wolf behavior.
      ◄ III. Wolves can be mates, but no sexual roleplay will be allowed. Mates can be affectionate and have a good relationship, but they can't do anything suggestive or explicit. Any relationship roleplaying should be purely romantic and affectionate with no suggestiveness.
      ◄ IV. Each player should only have one account. If your account was deleted or disabled due to inactivity, you may create a new one and rejoin the pack.
      ◄ V. To roleplay, individual threads will be made for each small plotline. This is called Liquid Roleplay. Make sure your threads are in the right location board. Once a thread's plot is done, request a staff member to lock the thread. If a plotline moves to a new location, request the thread to be locked and make a new thread in the new location to continue the plot. For example, if your characters decide to go hunting in the forest on Rimfire Ridge, make a thread in Rimfire Forest called "Hunting Party" or whatever title you think of. Once the hunt is done and all the wolves eat, have a staff lock the thread.
      • Character Creation
      ◄ I. No unrealistic fur colors, like neons, blues, purples, ect.
      ◄ II. No Mary Sue's or Gary Sue's, in other words perfect characters or characters no one can defeat.
      ◄ III. All characters must be under 3 feet 8 inches at shoulder, and cannot weigh above 200 pounds.
      ◄ IV. All characters must physically look like wolves and move like wolves.
      ◄ V. Please keep unrealistic eye colors to a minimum, we do allow blue, green, and red eyes, along with the carried realistic wolf colors, but colors like pink and purple and such should generally be avoided.

Ranks & Census

These are the ranks for the Sawtooth Tribe, the ranks should be respected in their order, and high ranks should not be challenged for. Please note that some ranks have separate titles called Leader, Elite, and Trainee. These are to help distinguish the different levels of wolves in the pack. All Lead titles must be earned in roleplay.
► Lead (The Highly Skilled)
The Leaders are the most skilled of each rank, they have the general guidance and knowledge about their rank.
► Elite (The Force)
The Elite is the most common level in the pack, wolves with this title know what they're doing in their rank job and can do it well.
► Trainee (The Learners)
The Trainees are the helpers of a rank, they are still learning about their rank and aren't given the true title rank of Elite until they know all they can about their rank.

      • ► The Wiser (The Sacred) 0/2
        The Wisers are the most intelligent wolves in the tribe, they are usually older and are the only ones who can speak with the Great Spirits, The Wiser wolves give word of guidance from the spirits and help advise the tribe.
      • ► Chief (The "Alpha") 1/2
        The Chief is the overall ruler of the pack, they make the decisions and make the law. They are often intelligent and strong, and have the will to lead and do anything for their tribe. Chiefs should always be respected and obeyed.
      Must Be Earned
      Whisper of Rustling Wind || M || Played by Faye326 / faye
      Open! || F || Played by ---
      • ► Advisor (The "Beta") 1/2
        The Advisors are second in command next to the Chiefs, they help make decisions and make sure everything is running smoothly. They enforce the law and should be respected, they are often very trusted of the Chief.
      Must Be Earned
      Storm of Thundering Clouds || M || Played by Black Burn / Burn
      Open! || F || Played by ---
      • ► Elder (The "Old") 0/∞
        These are the older wolves who can no longer perform their duties, or have become too old to do them all the time. Elders can still help out with tasks if they choose, or they can simply relax and enjoy the old life.
      • ► Guard (The "Protectors") 2/∞
        The Guards are usually the strongest wolves in the pack, they should know combat and be ready to serve their pack. Guards protect the pack from predators, rivals, and anything else that could threaten them.
      ► ◄ Lead Guard || 0/1
      Must Be Earned
      ► ◄ Elite Guard || 1/1
      Quartz || F || Played by Jay32 / Jay
      ► ◄ Guards || 1/∞
      Immor Whisperkeep || M || Played by SilentHeart
      ► ◄ Trainee Guards || 0/∞
      • ► Warrior (The "Fighters") 3/∞
        The Warriors are the fighters of the pack, if they're is a problem with rivals or anything else threatening the territory, they are called on. Warriors also patrol the territory border for Loners or intruding wolves.
      ► ◄ Lead Warrior || 0/1
      Must Be Earned
      ► ◄ Elite Warrior || 1/1
      Malsumis || M || Played by HEXAMUS / hexamus
      ► ◄ Warriors || 1/∞
      Feather of Soaring Eagle || F || Played by Zawki | Soul of Raging Seas || F || Played by Zethrax
      ► ◄ Trainee Warriors || 0/∞

      • ► Shaman (The "Healers") 2/∞
        The Shamans are highly skilled with herbs and healing, they should know about many herbs and what they do, along with how to work them. Medics are relied on to be there in case anyone gets hurt, and be able to heal them best they can.
      ► ◄ Lead Shaman || 1/1
      Althea Harmonia || F || Played by glitchanova / nova
      ► ◄ Elite Shaman || 1/1
      Rain of Shadows || M || Played by Zethrax
      ► ◄ Shamans || 0/∞
      ► ◄ Trainee Shamans || 0/∞

      • ► Hunter (The "Providers") 5/∞
        The Hunters act as gatherers for the pack, they are hunters and scouts, while occasionally helping the Shamans find herbs as well. Hunters are usually built for running, with high endurance. These wolves are trusted to keep the pack well fed.
      ► ◄ Lead Hunter || 0/1
      Must Be Earned
      ► ◄ Elite Hunter || 1/1
      Nashota of Golden Meadows || F || Played by noella / Noella
      ► ◄ Hunters || 1/∞
      Echo of Spring || F || Played by TempestLynx
      ► ◄ Trainee Hunters || 1/∞
      Song of Hazel Sparrow || F || Played by Faye326 / faye, Sun of Golden Skies || M|| Played by Black Burn / Burn, Lexi || F || Played by Lyrxbz

      • ► Mentor (The "Teachers") 2/∞
        The Mentors are the teachers of the pack, they teach the Youths and Trainees all they can, as well as act as babysitters, and even other wolves who need advice or learning. These wolves should be smart and patient, usually.
      ► ◄ Lead Mentor || 0/1
      Must Be Earned
      ► ◄ Elite Mentor || 1/1
      Summer || F || Played by Ana
      ► ◄ Mentors || 1/∞
      Roan || M || Played by noella / Noella
      ► ◄ Trainee Mentors || 0/∞

      • ► Youths (The "Young") 5/∞
        The Youths of the pack, young wolves have this rank through the ages of 0-1 Year. Through that time Youths are tasked with pesky learning, pestering the adults, and hunting mighty beasts like grasshoppers.
      Fluke of Dancing Stars || M || Played by Zethrax, Oreo || M || Played by noella / Noella, Shenandoah of Black River || M || Played by Black Burn / Burn, Talon of Swooping Falcon ||M|| Played by Zawki, Raven of Desolate Lands || F || Played by Zawki


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Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:36 am
by Zawki
Username: Zawki
WolfQuest Username: Zawki
Activity Level: 5-9
How Did You Find Us?: On the WolfQuest Discord server, then found the thread here.
Anything Else: I will probably be a little busy this month, so I might just be a site lurker for now, but I will try to drop in and join the fun when I can.

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:31 am
by Faye326
Accepted! Welcome to the pack Zawki! Every other link to acce is up above. :D

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:34 am
by glitchanova
Loving the new look, haha. ;)
Welcome to the pack, Zawki! Can't wait to start roleplaying once we get more characters and members going.

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 3:34 pm
by SlientHeart
► Forum username: SlientHeart
► WolfQuest username: SlientHeart
► Activity level: On a of 1-10 scale, maybe 3-4. Depending on how much this pack catches my interest and how busy I am with other things. Hopefully I'll raise my activity in the future!
► How did you find us?: Through a link from the "WolfQuest Official" Discord server.
► Anything else?: I'm fairly busy with school right now, and may possibly move into a new house in a few months (no idea when it'll actually happen). I tend to go inactive often and for long periods of time, depending on what's going on IRL. I'll try my best to get on as often as I can, though!

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:27 pm
by Faye326
Welcome SilentHeart! :)

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:39 pm
by Jay32
I'm enjoying the layout of this (:

► Forum username: Jay
► WolfQuest username: Jay32
► Activity level: 5 for the time being
► How did you find us?: Browsing through PC threads
► Anything else?: My activity will fluctuate a lot throughout the next few months but I'll try to keep up with everything going on!

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:57 pm
by Faye326
Accepted! Welcome :) All supporting links are above for the Proboards Forum and Discord.

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:02 pm
by Noella
► Forum username: Noella
► WolfQuest username: Noella
► Activity level: 9/10
► How did you find us?: WQ
► Anything else?: Nah, just been a stalker for the past day or 2 XD

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:53 am
by Black Burn
Welcome to WotS, Noella! You have been accepted of course.

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:29 pm
by Faye326
Woot woot!

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:36 pm
by Noella
Thank you! The site looks great :) Can't wait to get the meeting rolling.

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:13 pm
by MetalShadow
I should probably show my face here. It's Zethrax. This pack has been so much fun so far. Glad I joined.

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:46 am
by Koa
Faye326 wrote:
Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:29 pm
Woot woot!
Hi there. Please make sure your posts are at least three words so they are not seen as spam. Thanks!

Re: Wolves of the Sawtooth (WotS) Pack | JOIN through here!

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:17 pm
by glitchanova
So many new characters and so much going on in the roleplay already. Excited to see new members join us!