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Generation Play Pack

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:35 pm
by TheSeaWolf
Hey everyone! This is not a structured roleplay pack, more of a fun gameplay community. One of the most popular things you'll see in WolfQuest Let's Plays are people doing a generational style of play. This is basically a play style where you start off with an original wolf, have pups, and then choose one of your surviving pups to be the heir of your pack and have pups of their own! Here is a very helpful guide to generation playing:

The purpose of this pack is for people to be able to discuss their generational projects, keep track of their packs, and play multiplayer games together! I will make a pack in WolfQuest itself so that we can have in-game meetups. You could either bring two heirs to a multiplayer session to unite two players' packs, or you could bring some of your non-heir pups so they have something to do. If enough people are interested in this, I would love to make a site or Discord server for it so that everyone can organize and update their packs and lineages.

To join, just let me know what your WolfQuest username is so I can add you to the in-game pack.

Re: Generation Play Pack

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:13 pm
by Koa

Pack Central exists so that users, who have created packs can create and utilize threads to recruit members, organize events, and redirect individuals to offsite pages or game lobbies if applicable. Your thread appears as more of an advertisement for a non-pack entity ("gameplay community" as you termed it, with intentions of making it more pack-like in the future) rather than as a thread created for managerial purposes.

Currently, because you lack a completed pack thread, a site and a Discord (and can consequently not advertise on,,, you can either discuss generational playing on the thread you linked to or advertise your games as they are hosted at

Topic locked.