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-=✩The WolfQuest Patrollers✩=-

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:15 pm
by TimberRaven
Welcome!! This pack is NOT meant for roleplay, so it doesn't have to be as fancily decorated (Pack advertisement borders, colors, size, font format, etc.).
So, what do we do here if it's not roleplay?
This pack, as the name might bring you curiosity, is for patrolling WolfQuest and posting what you found here. It can be anything entertaining or shocking or aggravating, as long as it isn't inappropriate or so and so. Mostly this pack is to get people to patrol for bad players and clean the place up a bit.
How do I patrol? What do you mean?
Just go around playing games as normal. Just go around in public or just look around for icky people in general. Maybe even a friend of yours is kind of icky at times. Sometimes if you join you can say that you are patrolling for this pack. If this pack is not locked or it gets at least two members, I can post screenshots of things; what to look for, bad players, what to say, etc. unless you know what you're doing! :P
I still don't get it.
Look for people who you know go against the rules or bypass them. Talk about things you've found while patrolling. Talk about usernames that you should avoid. Or post screenshots of things, which is also optional, of games, just nothing inappropriate or the post will be reported.
Pack Rules:
At all times follow both the forum and game guidelines.
Enjoy patrolling. It's like the American military; joining it is good but optional. You shouldn't need to feel forced to join to join.
You don't have to hide the fact that you're in someone's game (even a friend's game) just to find players. You can join in the hunting, the chat or the RP if it is appropriate, of course.
Have fun looking at, stalking or patrolling :D

Here is a list of bad users that I know of. Their username will be put first and their known-for crime will be put the on the right of their name.

[naming-and-shaming list removed]
Anyway, here is your application code:

Code: Select all

[b]WolfQuest username:[/b]
[b]WolfQuest Patrolling activity level (from one to ten):[/b]
[b]Forums activity level:[/b]
WolfQuest username: WolfGirlHowl
WolfQuest Patrolling activity level (from one to ten): 4-8
Forums activity level: 5-9

Re: -=✩The WolfQuest Patrollers✩=-

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:45 pm
by Black Burn
I'm not sure how this will work for ya, but in case this is fine with the mods I can join.

WolfQuest username: BlackBurn83
WolfQuest Patrolling activity level (from one to ten): 8-10/10
Forums activity level: 9-10/10

Re: -=✩The WolfQuest Patrollers✩=-

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 3:45 pm
by Neamara
While I can understand that this was created with good intentions in mind, I’m afraid it is similar to the retired WolfQuest Report Team that was shut down in 2015 alongside the closure of 2.5’s lexicon chat. The reason being that both were rendered obsolete with the introduction of an in-game reporting system in 2.7. Additionally, naming-and-shaming isn’t allowed anywhere on the community forum, which is explained in full here—
I have removed the names listed in the first post and can only recommend reporting those players in-game when caught in the act of rulebreaking. As for this thread, in the future, it may be advisable to post in any of the important topics contained here in Pack Central or, if none of those are relevant, to contact one of the moderators responsible for this section if you have any questions or a potential idea for a pack outside the normal structure expected of a thread posted here.

I’d like to close this by saying that all players are encouraged to report problem players in-game as soon as possible when conflicts arise. This ensures WQ Admin can handle the matter at their earliest convenience. Thank you!

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