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Journey of The Paws | WOLF RPG M: 14 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:52 pm
by Noella
ImageRoleplay Game | Leveling System | Semi-Realistic
    • Welcome || Vanora is a planet dominated by wolves. A place of beauty, but many obstacles await when starting out as a lone wolf. Your first quest is to find the Arch of your desired pack and complete their given challenge before earning a place in the pack. Face common predators and hunt for prey, all in an effort to survive. Vanora awaits your arrival. Read below and learn how to start your journey.
Rules and Guidelines || These rules and guidelines ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in our community. Rules are enforced by staff. If you are unsure about something, let us know. You can reach out to any staff member to help you.
    • I. JotP is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay open to all forms and levels of roleplaying.

      II. Roleplay is rated PG-13, viewer discretion is advised.

      III. We have no post count, though we recommend five sentences or more.

      IV. We like to have at least 2-3 posts on the WQ thread per week.

      V. We host pack meetings once a month to discuss future events, activities, plots, etc.

      VI. All members are expected to follow the WQ posting rules and Guidelines.

      VII. Everyone is to be treated equally as individuals and have fun!
Leveling System || We use a leveling system quite similar to that of a video game which includes, character abilities such as sense and strength, and dices which control outcomes for battles, hunts and exploring the world. Your characters information and histories of battles and hunts are kept in Character Status Sheets. Members are able to interact with the rp and experience a game-like structure while still enjoying their love of writing.

Meetings || As previously mentioned, Jotp does host pack meetings which address future events, activities, plots etc. Meetings are only hosted on weekends for compliance with those who may be working or in school. The meeting will be held even if we only have one other participant. A summary of what was discussed during each meeting held once a month will be posted both here and on the pack website for the pack to be in the know. Below, you will find our newest scheduled meeting and its summary link if the date has past. Any questions about summaries may be directed to myself if anything seems unclear.
    • Our first meeting - TBD
Plots || Yes, we do plots. As a community we want to make sure something is happening within the roleplay itself. We organize events specific to the actual roleplay whereas, plots will be focused on characters themselves. Building those relationships and discussing plots between characters keeps it all interesting. As a recommendation, don't be afraid to reach out to fellow members to organize that duel or forbidden love affair.
    • Current: New Friends, New Home
      A territory has yet to be established in the Land of Vanora. Many young wolves venture in the lands, but alone. Despite this, a pack is beginning to emerge. A race is run, prey are discovered, new faces to meet. A leader is rising, a female Mackenzie Valley wolf named Fell. Food is limited. With only two members in the pack, its mice and rabbits for lunch. With each new face, the pack grows. It's just a matter of time before pack boundaries are established, and it starts with a Den.
    • Current Event: Angry Fire Gods
      As the pack continues in their search for a den, they encounter strange black clouds drifting from the Northern mountains. Fall this year has left the land dry, leaving it open to a red burning throughout much of Azure Wilds. The newly formed members will need to work together to survive the Burning, starting with finding a source of water.
Guest Chat || Yes! We have a guest chat where our members and guests can interact with one another. Guests may ask questions and learn a bit more about us before they register. There is also an FAQ for our guests to view for some needed information as well. Visit our Website for more info.

Wolfquest Game || We do not participate in the game at this time, however, once the new version is fully announced, we will consider it.

Discord || We do have a discord server. It is not used for roleplay but more for communication between staff and members. Click HERE to join us there!
The Makers || It is important to know who the creators are, and with that, helps to maintain order and chaos within the pack forum and here on the WQ thread. As a staff member you can accept new member applications and manage certain topics on the forums. We are currently accepting applications for staff; the form is below.
    • Noella - Founder/Admin
      Nightdragon - Coder
      Closed - Moderator
      Closed - Moderator
The Form
(CLOSED. Staff are expected to participate in the forums and roleplay. Staff positions are not linked to ranks. You can be a Mod and be an Amature. Form should be submitted with joining form upon apllication.)

Code: Select all

[b]WQ Username:[/b] 
[b]Do you have experience using forumotion?:[/b]
[b]Do you have experience with coding?:[/b] (if so, how much?)
[b]How active will you be:[/b] (8 and above is preferred)
[b]Do you have any staff experience?:[/b] (6 months or more is preferred)
[b]How can you contribute as a staff member?:[/b] (what can you do to ensure a successful pack?)
[b]Anything else:[/b] (Anything I should know?)
Entering RP || Members enter the roleplay how they see fit. Your first quest within the game will be to find the Arch and pass her tests before earning your rank.
Ranks || Ranking system is simple. Upon your 'awakening', you are placed into the rank of your choice. Ranks are limited at start till we fill up then we will expand.
Member Count: 14
Newest Member: Dallis
The Arch (ark) CLOSED 1/2
The leader of the pack. This wolf controls all that is around he/she. They are charged with tough decision making and thus have one of the toughest jobs in the pack. While they are loyal, they also have to keep the pack in mind along with their own strategy to survive.
    • Fell - Female - Noella
      Earned - gender - WQ username
Seeker (see-kur) OPEN 2/4
These carry out multiple tasks including, healers, messenger, hunter, explorer, nurse, ambassador, etc. Anything to provide for the pack, these wolves take on pack related tasks that keep the pack health and strength up to par. These wolves do not risk their life as much as the next rank, but they do ensure that the pack is provided for and are a key to survival as all ranks are.
    • Amatullah - Female - Tascalusa
      Oddey - Male - N/A
      Name - gender - WQ username
      Name - gender - WQ username
Guardian (guh-ar-dee-an) OPEN 2/6
This is a risky rank to be in. These wolves specialize in territory patrol, assassinations, battles between enemies both kin and predator, and any other physical demands that requires tooth and claw. Guardians are assigned to all pack related activities such as accompanying hunts or messengers. It is their job to make sure each pack member is kept safe in a mysterious and unpredictable land like Baltia.
    • Artemis - Male - balto101
      Joachim - Male - WolfoftheDourwoods
      Name - gender - WQ username
      Name - gender - WQ username
Amateur (am-uh-tur) OPEN 0/4
These are the youngest of the pack ages 6 months to 1 year. They are kept well guarded by seekers and trained in shadow with a fell pack member at age 2. Amatuers do not leave pack territory unless accompanied by an adult 3 years or older.
    • Name - gender - WQ username
      Name - gender - WQ username
      Name - gender - WQ username
      Name - gender - WQ username
Alien (aye-lee-en) UNLIMITED
This wolf is unknown to the pack, an outsider. Aliens are to be kept outside of pack territory at all times and must keep at bay of the boarderlands of the packs territory. These wolves must be escorted by a guardian to see the Arch who remains within territory most of the time. Aliens are watched closely in case of ambush or assassination. Injured or sickly Aliens may be tended to but must stay at the borders until word is given for the Alien to enter the territory.
    • Anna - Female - LeopardsandRosed
      Grimthorne - Male - Action Bat
      Mikel - Male - fun ghoul
      Jabare - Male - N/A
      Sykari - Female - Featherstone9086
Neutrals (neh-oo-tralls) UNLIMITED
These are the wolves who remain at the borders along with Aliens, but are easily friend or foe and do not want to join the pack directly. They can be a help or a doom to the pack. Neutrals have the same territory demands as the Aliens for security purposes. If you decide you would like to join the pack as a member, you will be moved to Alien until a rank is given by the Arch.
    • Nightdragon - Male - N/A
      Nixie - Female - MysticNixie98
      Brier - Female - N/A
      Name - gender - WQ username
The Joining Form
Below, is the joining form for members. This form must be submitted before joining the website. Non-WQ members will need to reach out to the packs email once it is officially announced. All ranks are required to register on site.

Code: Select all

[b]WQ Username:[/b]
[b]Character name:[/b] 
[b]Rank wanted:[/b]
[b]Activity 1-10:[/b]

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 3 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:34 pm
by balto101
WQ Username: balto101
Character name: Artemis Favnir
Age: 3 Years | 3 Months | 11 Moons
Gender: Male
Rank wanted: Guardian
Activity 1-10: Roughly 7 to 8

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 3 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:20 pm
by Noella
Form is accepted, Artemis! Welcome to the pack. You may register on the site and post your bio. Then, once that's all done, you may post at Newcomers Peak if you wish. Again, welcome! And thank you for applying. :)

I'd also like to welcome Brier who joined via the sites application. She is also an Admin and site coder.

As a quick update, I have created main topics for each RP place and members will be able to use liquid time for plot topics between fellow characters.

Also, I hope everyone likes the forum icons! We will have a fresh navbar and post buttons soon.

We are accepting one more staff member with the acceptance of the staff form via the main post on this thread. Forms for either joining the pack or can be submitted here or via the pack website via the links below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop a comment below or chat with us via the guest chat on site!

Staff App: ... plications
Site App: ... tions-open

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 4 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:05 pm
by balto101
Thanks! Looking forward to roleplaying with you guys! ^^

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 4 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:17 pm
by Noella
The roleplay has started! Don't forget to post your character sheets before posting. Everyone starts at Newcomers Nook. You can join in on the main topic, or create your own plot topic and tag Miss Fell in it, it's up to you guys! If ya'll have any questions, you can drop your comments here or on the pack site! See you all there!

The Journey Begins: ... ney-begins
Newcomers Nook: ... omers-nook (you'll need to login to see other forums other than the Guest Section)

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 4 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:26 pm
by balto101
Hopefully more people are willing to join. Would be nice to see some new faces around.

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 6 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:06 pm
by Noella
Agreed! RP is rolling at a moderate pace I'd say.

Wanted to welcome Amatullah and Nightdragon to the pack. Amatullah joined as an Alien and Nightdragon, Neutral. Welcome to the pack you two!

Navbar is up! It does need a few tweaks(gaps), but otherwise it's all done, as are the buttons for the site. Hope everyone likes them. More updates to the site to come, but hey, it's time to get cracking on the rp.

Congrats to Artemis for becoming JOTPs first Guardian! I did a few tweaks to rank colors. Hope ya'll like them hehe. It's better than red, white and blue XD

Perhaps a contest or event may take place once we gain a few more members. Remember: characters must meet the Arch before they are physically placed in a rank. This can be via plot topic or in the Main Thread. If you would like to have your character know the Arch(Fell), we can discuss plots in the Plot Discussion forum. It's your journey! What will you write?

Newcomers Nook: ... omers-nook
Plot Discussions: ... iscussions
Character Application: ... plications

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 6 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:39 pm
by alebrije
Hello, I'm Amatullah. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the roleplay. I posted my chars biography. The site looks awesome by the way, kama.

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 6 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:52 pm
by Noella
Thanks buddy!

Quick update: If you haven't posted a joining form here or on the website, you are a Neutral until a form is posted and accepted by staff. If you have questions, feel free to post them below or on the packs website. Once we get a few more members I'm hoping to throw out an event to get the rp kicked off once everyone is acquainted with Fell. I'll have more details on the event once we reach 10 members.

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 6 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:06 pm
by balto101
Looking forward to roleplaying with you as well Amatullah! Glad to see that you've hopped on board with us! ^^

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 6 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:55 pm
by Noella
I hope everyone had a good holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Perhaps we will do a small activity for Christmas....

I tweaked the colors on the website! Hope ya'll like them. The white grew on most of us lol. The forum looks quite lively with the new colors hehe. We will have a new forum banner real soon as well since the old one doesn't entirely fit the new colors. We won't do theme changes this year in regards to holidays and such like I was thinking about doing-too tedious. Of course, we are open to ideas and suggestions from our members.

In regards to the rp, an event has been mentioned! Once we gain a few more members we will let loose a few more details. Members are welcome to joining us in the roleplay and remember that forms must be submitted for your character before you are moved to Alien. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the staff.

Some of the RP areas are locked in light of the upcoming event mentioned above. More info will be given sometime in December.

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 6 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:06 pm
by balto101
Looking forward to seeing what happens throughout this month!

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 6 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:28 pm
by Noella
Me too! December will indeed be interesting! Even though are approaching into December, the season in rp will not change since it is based on the direction where the roleplay goes.

We have an upcoming writing contest in light of the Holiday season. Details will be posted on the site via the 1st of December.

A Wolf Breed guide has been created! Subspecies are not included in the census or the guide, but I may tweak both later on. So far we have one Maxkenzie Valley, one Eurasian and one Arctic. If anyone feels this is incorrect, please let me know. I went off the info on your bios hehe.

Wolf Breed Guide - ... reed-guide

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 7 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:28 pm
by LeopardsandRoses
WQ Username: LeopardsandRoses
Character name: Anna
Age: 3 years 1 month
Gender: Female
Rank wanted: Guardian
Activity 1-10: 8

Will have my bio posted asap once I'm accepted! I love the site appearance, very earthy.

Re: Journey of The Paws | Game of Survival M: 7 !ACCEPTING!

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:58 pm
by Noella
Welcome to the pack, Anna! We are glad to have you here with us. Go ahead and register on the site and post your characters biography. We are in Azure Woods at this time in RP. See you there!

As a few announcements....

Official theme!
Yep! We have our official theme finally up! I hope yall like it :) feel free to give feedback on the topic posted below if you see anything that could use tweaking; positive and negative feedback is appreciated.

I will be doing a few more tweaks to the site to fit the theme.

No more colored usernames?
With the new colors, it's hard to use colored usernames without the colors clashing with the theme itself. With that said, usernames will be a solid black, staff marked with a white glow behind their usernames. I know it's different, but I've grown old for colored names^^.

New Staff
I may be hiring one new staff member to replace the one we lost due to activity. Stay tuned for updates on new staff some time next year.

Holiday usernames end soon!
The Punyusername activity ends on December 31st! Usernames will be updated the following day on January 1st. Thank you to those who participated!

Holiday Writing Contest CANCELLED!
I am going to cancel the contest since the holiday this year has been busier than anticipated. With only 2 participants, myself and another, it makes sense to cancel and possibly do it next year. I do apologize to anyone who may have wanted to participate.

Official Theme! - ... -theme#232
Azure Wilds -