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► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:39 pm
by Jay32
► Greetings, onlooker!
Welcome to our humble abode! Come in, take your coat off, get comfortable; stay awhile! We have some things to offer here at Bones To Ashes! What is it we offer? Well for starters, we have a heavily structured "main plot" sort of deal along with smaller and more pack and member-focused subplots that will eventually build up to the main plot. They're entirely devoted to character development and relationships among the members that may or may not have a significant impact on the pack once the big plot rolls around. Because of these lil' subplots, it turns the roleplay as a whole into very character-driven one, and it will prioritize as such. You can learn more about them on the site! Anyways, to offer you some backstory, Bones To Ashes is actually an entirely revised project that was created initially around February of last year but unfortunately shut down before it even really began. I felt I didn't do the original any justice, so here we are! A year later, we're giving this another shot! But going about it using a different—slightly more ideal—kind of way. The general plotline and setting from the original Bones To Ashes (initially called 'From Bones To Ashes') still remains as it is the central idea encircled with the day-to-day lifestyle of the pack followed by the various subplots that differ. All roleplay threads, excluding subplot threads (again, learn more about this on the site) are counted in Liquid-Time (all members are free to have their characters within multiple threads at once) as it wouldn't rupture the general timeline of the setting. Here, members are allowed to have as many characters as they please, with only the requirements that you try to be as active as possible (according to your own schedule, of course) and try to keep up with them all! We're gender-neutral and sexuality-friendly, so may there be no restrictions! We strive to be a kind, welcoming and lenient community, so don't hesitate to pop by and give us a hello or application if we intrigue you! Now as for the actual roleplay, Bones To Ashes is semi-realistic and open to all levels of roleplay whether it be from beginner to literate! Don't shy away from letting your individuality and creativity show through!

► Setting,
Bones To Ashes is based in a vast fictional valley and primarily focuses on a pack known as the Mollitiam Valley pack, who have claimed a small section of the valley as their home. The pack members concentrate on their day-to-day duties that call once the sun has risen, but those daily routines are always subject to change. The once frigid winter climates are warming to a more reasonable temperature as spring begins to settle upon the land, wisping away the thin blankets of slushy-like snow from the dampened soils and bringing a renewed sense of potential. Potential that is liable to go one of two ways. A long chain of snow-topped mountains enclose the vast valley and is bordered by a massive flat of woodland home to millions. But there's one mountain, in particular, that stands out from the rest; like a sore thumb. Something isn't right about it, and as the days wear on, the wolves soon gain the understanding that that specific mountain may pose a significant threat. It's rumored to be a dormant volcano and the Mollitiam Valley wolves are skeptical, unsure of who to really trust. So, believing in their own intuition, they go about their own way; the way they see most fit. Even if it isn't always the right way.

► Plot,
Nobody ever said that surviving would be easy. Nobody is born with a spoon in their mouth and expects everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. Here, you have to work if you strive to live. It's unknown when the rumored volcano will awaken, but one thing is for sure that its influence isn't doing the valley much good. Once spring thins into early summer, temperatures are subject to rising to warmer quantities. The heat and unusual reduction in vegetation will motivate the elk and other herbivore creatures to move on in search of better grazing fields, leaving predators uncharacteristically virulent and bold as they search for nutrients to appease their bubbling appetites. The carnivores live in constant competition in attempts to rule out one another and capitalize themselves as top predator to achieve what's left of the diminishing resources. Certain gases are soon manumitted into the atmosphere as nearby geysers and small tremors become more frequent, shaking the ground and warming the area, almost like warning signals. Something's about to happen. Realization, perhaps? Either way, it's something big. The wolves of the Mollitiam Valley pack realize that they must soon evacuate the valley. But the only way out of the valley is through the only way in: across that long chain of mountains. So, the question stands: will they make it across in time?

► Database,
Founded: Feb. 10, 2017
Revamped: June 30, 2018
Founder: Jay32
Census: 03 males, 03 females, 00 others, 06 jointly
  • Newest Member: Leah

Scheme: Brown Tan White Grey
Site Status: Accepting!
Roleplay Status: Open!
  • Subplot Tracker: 00

Pack Song: May It Be - Celtic Woman
Pack Motto: "Believe and you will find your way."

► News,
► 06/30/18 The thread and site open!
► 07/04/18 The roleplay is now open!

► Rules,
As a general rule of thumb, everyone is to follow the WQ guidelines, but there are some exceptions.

Everyone is to be respected OOC. There is not to be one person uninvolved or unwelcomed.
No unnecessary drama on the site! Please take it to PM and if the issue still doesn't get resolved, contact a staff member.
If you are going on a hiatus, then please let us know in the Hiatus board! You will be placed in a special group and your absence will be excused, so you'd be all set once you return.
Let's keep appearances realistic! No outrageous colors or markings or accessories (horns, wings, jewelry, etc.) as well as unrealistic eye colors (pink, purple) however blue, green, and red are allowed for diversity's sake.
"Perfect characters" are prohibited. No one is perfect, inside or out. We all have our weaknesses and flaws so please don't be afraid to make your characters imperfect!
On a similar note, no god-modding or power-playing! Let's keep things fair and realistic.
Let's also keep everything PG 13 and friendly. No swearing, unnecessary name-calling, fighting/arguing OOC, etc.

  • Now as a small sidenote, one thing I want everyone to keep in mind is that we roleplay in third-person, thus there will be no usage of "me, I, etc." during the roleplay (excluding character speech, of course). But no worries; it's nothing personal!

► Rankings,
second character
currently involved in a subplot
EFA (Excused From Absence)
staff member
▇ High Tier
▇ Rank Leader
▇ Middle Tier
▇ Low Tier

  • All ranks are gender-neutral/friendly!
    Name • Gender • Username • Activity (not based on WQ activity)

    Dominant 2/2
    The Dominants are the top dogs. They are entrusted to maintain order within the pack as well as keep their disciples out of harm's way. They remain remain strong in mental and physical ways, ambitious upon the spirit of the pack, and strict in their words as they yearn to further their numbers and breach the unnecessary bridges that gape between them and their advocates. Despite their assertiveness, they have hearts of gold that remain behind rectitude intentions, only executed to better the pack. They are often willing to pull their very life into the equation if only to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

    Aurum • Female • Jay32 • Active
    El Volcán • Male • Black Burn • TBD

    Agent 1/2
    Agents are right under the Dominants when it narrows down to where they stand among the hierarchy. They are close with the Dominants in some form and share their dominance with them. They assist them in the decisions regarding the safety of the pack and will take up complete authority when the Dominants happen to be absent from their role. In the meantime, they arrange council meetings with the Dominants and lead ranks, strategizing new ideas and exercising them should they prove necessary. They are fair, typically unbiased, and wise in the decisions that determine the wellbeing of the pack.

    Nikolai • Male • Aquila K9 • TBD

    Shaman 0/3
    Shamans are the pack's medics and menders, very experienced in both the herbalist and physician ways and are not afraid to get their paws dirty. They care for the pack members' mental and physical states, very watchful of the injuries they're subject to obtaining. They have extensive knowledge in the field of healing and medicines and will never decline the opportunity to preach their knowledge to those who wish to learn about the endless realm of possibilities the various healing methods promise.

    Ancillary 0/3
    Ancillaries are the pack's guides and mentors, watching over and caring for the members with keen and careful eyes. They have extensive knowledge with the world around them and often times will pass stories of old around and educate the young about what they still have yet to learn what's still left to explore. Regardless of their typically—but not always—aging bones, their internal spirit burns brightly with a fiery and strong spirit. They are very loyal and helpful, counselors even; always willing to lend an extra paw for anyone who might be struggling in a certain field or manner and are always willing to listen to, offer advice, and cheer up even the most somber and lonely of souls.

    Infiltrator 1/unlimited
    Infiltrators are the agile and mysterious members who prefer to keep to themselves majority of the time. They are knowledgeable in multiple fields, but excel the most in that regarding silence and precision. They are the spies, scouts, and trackers of the pack. The shadows act as their guide as they weave cunningly about the borders of the territory, scouting out any signals of life other than their own familiars to escort to the higher-ups. They are known to become most active throughout the late hours of the night; the darkness is their haven, aiding them in their quest to protect their fellow pack-mates from the unseen terrors that lurk about in the dark.

    Rank Leader: Shade • Male • LamarWolf • TBD

    Pursuer 0/unlimited
    Pursuers partake in the responsibility of providing the pack with the nutrients required to survive. Some prefer the thrill of the hunt and feeling the adrenaline flush through their veins as they track and tackle large prey that could satisfy the pack's hunger for weeks while others may prefer the calmer and less intense routes of the purse, typically targeting small rodents or rabbits within the underbrush and fish beneath the water's surface. All are nimble and excellent coordinators and communicators, as those two factors are vital in order to achieve a successful hunt—game big or small.

    Rank Leader: Open!

    Militant 0/unlimited
    These wolves are the brawn, bulk, and relentless courage of the pack. They are responsible for the safety of their fellow pack-members as they are skilled in the ways of a warrior and know their way around the field of combat. Together, they strategize various battle strategies and configure different routes they could partake in should an unexpected battle arose. In this rank, physiques can range as one wouldn't need to be the most physically masculine or athletic in order to successfully fulfill the tasks this rank possesses. The only requirement being that they are knowledgeable in the talent of combat and promise their loyalty and protection to those who need it the most.

    Rank Leader: Open!

    Minor 2/unlimited
    Minors are the youth of the pack; the next generation. They are full of endless potential and usually spend majority of their growing months within the camp, typically hanging with the ancillaries until they're the appropriate age of over a year to begin their training with the Rank Leaders to discover which rank they can properly fulfill. They are to be protected at all costs.

    Ikeira • Female • N/A • TBD
    Leah • Female • Paradiigm • TBD

    Rover 0/unlimited
    Rovers are equivalent to that of a pack friend. They usually don't have time for full commitment but are still nonetheless interested in the pack and all that it has to offer. While they still must register onsite (and they will be placed in a specialized rank) they have fewer requirements and don't have to participate in the roleplay. Until they have time for full commitment (according to their own schedules), they will remain in this rank until they say otherwise.
► Allies & Rivals,
We are accepting both allies and rivals! Please keep in mind that rivals are not to be treated any differently! They are what can perk up the roleplay even more so don't shy away from becoming either or!

Become the first!

Become the first!

► Applications,
We are currently accepting high ranks!

Join us here at BTA! Make yourself at home.

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[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Username:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
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[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Wolf Gender:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Brief Description:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
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[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Notes:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
Rover application in case you don't have time for full commitment.

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[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Username:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Wolf Name:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Wolf Gender:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Notes:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
We are currently accepting staff members for a limited time!

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[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Have you any staff experience?:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Are you familiar with the Proboards admin panel?:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
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Become an ally/rival!

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[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Thread:[/color] [color=#979797]optimal[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Site:[/color] [color=#979797]optional[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]►[/color] [color=#ffd087]Notes:[/color] [color=#979797]here[/color]
Disclaimer! I have done my research, but that doesn't mean I know everything about volcanic eruptions or their side effects! So there may be some parts that aren't the most realistic, so just keep that in mind! Also note that a lot of these aspects will be enhanced or stretched out to add more drama and bulk to the roleplay. If you have any more information about the matter, then don't hesitate to shoot me a PM either here or on the site! I'm always open to suggestions and critique.
Copyright! Thread design and original BTA concepts and ideas (setting, plot, rankings, etc.) are credited to Jay32.
All site symbols belong to their respectful owners and have been altered slightly for the convenience of the aesthetic.
All characters and images belong to their respectful owners.

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:07 pm
by Black Burn
First post, I'm honored!

Username: Black Burn
Have you any staff experience?: Yep, with my own pack site
Are you familiar with the Proboards admin panel?: Yes I am, I've been exploring it more with my test forum as well
Notes: I'll be as active as possible!

I'll also have a character coming

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:13 pm
by Jay32
Accepted, of course! Once you figure out your character, post their application and go ahead and register.
Glad to have you aboard, BB!

- Aurum

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:58 pm
by Black Burn
Username: Black Burn
Wolf Name: El Volcán
Wolf Age: 5 years
Wolf Gender: Male
Brief Description: Bulky, big, red fur, yellow eyes.

Desired Rank: Dominant
Notes: Nope!

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:35 pm
by Aquila K9
Well you know I got to drop this in here:

Username: Aquila K9
Wolf Name: Nikolai
Wolf Age: 4 years
Wolf Gender: male
Brief Description: Dark, brownish black coat. Orange-gold eyes. Tall and lean frame. ... _0_600.jpg
Desired Rank: Agent
Notes: Drogo's Bro :D

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:07 pm
by Jay32
Alrighty, feel free to register whenever you'd like, Aquila!
I'll put ya both down in the front post.

- Aurum

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:01 am
by LamarWolf
Username: LamarWolf
Wolf Name: Shade
Wolf Age: 4
Wolf Gender: Male
Brief Description: hereGood sized wolf with black fur and has a scar under his eye.
Desired Rank:
Rank leader of the infiltrators
Notes: None

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:32 am
by Jay32
Shade is accepted! Register whenever you can!
And on a similar note, the roleplay has now opened and is open everyone.

- Aurum

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:06 pm
by Paradiigm
Username: Paradiigm
Wolf Name: Leah
Wolf Age: 1 year ish
Wolf Gender: Female
Brief Description: Uhm she's new so I can add this later.
Desired Rank: Minor
Notes: Meep

Username: Paradiigm
Have you any staff experience?: Pffft yes I do you know dis
Are you familiar with the Proboards admin panel?: If I run 4 sites and don't know it im lame. in other words yes I do
Notes: meep

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:05 pm
by Jay32
Both applications have been accepted of course, so welcome to BTA, Leah! Register whenever you can and post her bio so you can hop into the roleplay. ^^

- Aurum

Re: ► Bones To Ashes ● Revised & Ready To Accept!

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:44 am
by Paradiigm
Jay32 wrote:Both applications have been accepted of course, so welcome to BTA, Leah! Register whenever you can and post her bio so you can hop into the roleplay. ^^

- Aurum
Will do, thank you1