So I'm making a RP Pack:

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So I'm making a RP Pack:

Post by Rain0 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:38 pm

I'm planning on making a pack for multiple roleplays or just hangouts and XP servers in private servers. I will be using random generators to spice things up. Some of the roleplays I definitely want to do are:

A three-generation pack: The grandparents are the alphas, who grew too old to have pups and allowed their daughter to have pups.

An Arctic Wolf Family: This would include the alpha pair, their yearling pups, possibly an unrelated wolf that was allowed to join, and this year's pups.

The survivors of the disease that split apart the Druid Peak Pack:

This will take place in Amethyst Mountain, though if something happens they may move on. In real life, the Druid Peak pack was the largest recorded wolf pack, having 36 wolves at it's peak. They had taken many pack territories, but their luck soon came to an end. Their alpha male and female died. The pack suffered. Their rivals, the Slough Creek pack, soon had about as many wolves as them, as many in the Druid Peak pack had died. Soon, the Slough Creek pack was larger, and they attacked the Druids, taking their territory. Not long after, a disease spread through Yellowstone, killing many wolves and causing the remains of the Druid Peak pack to split up. This roleplay would be about some of the survivors of the disease, and they will be forming a small pack and trying to survive the disease. It is optional to use random generators for your character to see if they get sick, or even die.


A group of 'juvenile delinquents' that decided to form a roaming 'pack'.

Rules for Wandering packs:
They cannot stay in areas or have 'camps' for long amounts of time. They can live in elk hunting territories for a while, but once they've killed all the elk in one herd they must move on.
No specific ranks.
The wolves should usually stay in young adult range, with the exception of any orphaned pups or wolves that were chased out of their pack.
Follow the rules of the actual game (This applies for all servers, even ones that aren't roleplays)
Please put grudges you have against other players aside. Don't let it ruin the fun. (Applies for all servers)

This type of roleplay will take place in most often Lost River and Amethyst Mountain.

That's about all I've thought of for now. If your interested in joining or have ideas for me, let me know.

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Re: So I'm making a RP Pack:

Post by Koa » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:09 pm

Threads in this forum need to be finished. Please do not post tentative ideas for packs in this forum.
Topic locked.


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