The Drakonion Films Pack!

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The Drakonion Films Pack!

Post by KnowTheLingo » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:46 am

Greetings, fellow Wolf Questers! I am KTL, and I'm happy to announce I'm starting a new pack!

This pack isn't exactly a roleplaying pack.. It's a film pack. When I say this, I mean, it's a 'team,' of sorts. Confused? I know you are :D So allow me to introduce you to Moon Watcher!

Moon Watcher is a series starring Lija, a young male wolf with the ability to see flashes of the past and future. When Lija becomes 'dangerous' and is banished from his pack, he discovers he is a Moon Watcher, the very last one. When another wolf, a 'False Moon Watcher,' seeks to change the past, Lija must fight for everything he loves, including time itself.

Using never before seen camera angles and editing effects, Moon Watcher is a new and original WolfQuest series!

The pack will consist of actors for characters in the series, with typical shootings consisting of me, the alpha, camerawolf or 'director,' and then there will be the actors. YOU! There are a few requirements, so be prepared to meet those! CONSISTENTLY!


-Depending on the number of actors available in each episode, you will be switching from wolf to wolf a LOT! One episode you could be playing White Star, and in another you could be playing as Lija. So please, don't complain about wanting to play as a certain character! Everyone has their favourites, but for the sake of the series, you must go along with it!
-You HAVE to be active! My hours online on weekdays are from 5 P.M onwards UK time. Please try to be online by 5:05 at the LATEST! I know, tight schedule, but we have lots of work to do with the few hours we all have!
-PLEASE try to get along with each other! If there is a disagreement, be the mature one and do not respond to the other person unless it's a question about the series or something. If the other person persists, they will be blocked and banned.

We DO have ranks, so here they are! mMore will be added as time goes on!

Alpha: Me (Director/Camwolf)
Actors: OPEN (we need about the max amount of wolves allowed in a multiplayer game all together, but we can get by with just a few per episode)

Trust me, it's a LOT more fun then it sounds! :D So please, if you plan on joining, just complete this form and post it!

Game Username:
When are you most active? (In UK time, if you can convert it):
Can you afford to spend more then half an hour on an episode?:
Any possible problems with your activity that can come up in the future?:

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