Amethyst Pack

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Amethyst Pack

Post by Night-Sky » Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:15 pm

I am looking for five people to join me to make a pack to play in the actual game.

I will be the Alpha female.

Ranks needed:

Alpha Male (leader)

Beta (second-in-command)

Deltas (regular wolves.)

Omega (usually a runt. Pup-sits, makes beds, collects herb for healer, digs dirtplaces(bathrooms), etc.)

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Re: Amethyst Pack

Post by valkea » Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:21 pm

Please read the rules for PC rules and the PC FAQ before creating a thread here and familiarize yourself with how to make sure your thread does not come off as an advertisement. You're also free to use the multiplayer game advertisement thread to just advertise multiplayer games, if you'd prefer something more like that.

Since your thread does come off as more of an advertisement than a pack thread, I will have to lock it. If you can/want to change it up so it's more of an actual pack thread, feel free to re-create it or message me or another moderator with the link to this one to have it unlocked.
How do I avoid making my pack thread look like an advertisement?
- It really comes down to how much information is in your pack's thread. At the bare minimum, your pack thread should have some basic information about your pack, some rules, and a joining application. You can, of course, add more to your thread, however keep in mind that anything less will likely be considered an advertisement.
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