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Post by Galoree » Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:43 am


The air is thick and humid. The streets are empty, as humans have fled after the flooding caused by beavers. In their retreat, they left behind their arrays of pets, forming a complex niche. Snakes, birds, dogs, cats, rodents, and more run rampant through the streets. Generations have passed, and dogs have mixed with local wolves and strengthened hybrids wander the alleyways. With limited food, tight-knit packs of these hybrids formed and claimed land across Lost River. Tensions are rising as prey count lowers. Will you survive the arduous summer?

The Packs
Baer Bluffs Bracket
This group resides in Baer Bluffs. With the vast plains and wilds, these wolfdogs have the highest wolf content.
Leader: Open
Grant's Glen Gang
These are mixed with expensive dog breeds, as Grant's Glen was full of wealthy people.
Leader: Open
The Two-Step Troop
The high debris content in the water near The Two-Step has made the troop immune to most disease. Anyone else who drinks the water could potentially get fatally sick.
Leader: Open
Allison Acres Assembly
Allison Acres is full of common dog breeds such as labradors and mutts from the pound. They have grown very skilled in swimming and are often found catching fish or goods from homes floating around in the water.
Leader: Open
The Back Forty Bunch
Those in The Back Forty are strong enough to kill elk, in groups. They live happily in the cabin nearby.
Leader: Open
Carnival Congregation
Those in the Carnival are a... gregarious bunch. They're loud and always in the mood to welcome someone new, as long as they don't smell of another pack.
Leader: Open
Downtown Division
They are great at catching stray pets, such as rabbits, snakes, and more.
Leader: Open
Tank Town Type
Rough and tumble, as most of the dogs in Tank Town belonged to the homeless and those with low budget. They are lanky but swift.
Leader: Hood played by Galoree
Hilltop House
Hilltop dogs are lax and like their space. When they find trespassers, they usually let them off with a warning.
Leader: Open
Hank's Ditch Faction
Under the bridge is Hank's Ditch Faction, full of mangey, homely dogs that act aggressively to strangers.
Leader: Open

Metanoia Members
Name: Hood
Player: Galoree
Pronouns: Ze/zir
Pack: Tank Town Type
Breed(s): Leonberger, German shepherd
Appearance: As is in the game, only zir eyes are a pale olive color and ze have long, shaggy fur.
Personality: Callous, irascible, reclusive

Sign Up
Player (In-game username)
Breed(s) (domesticwise, as we know that wolf is already in there)
Personality (Please describe in three or more words)

-Metanoia will have a number of administrators that may have the server up. Please PM me if you would like to be one.
-Anyone who is not an administrator and is running a Metanoia server will be asked to stop.
-Please post with descriptive sentences when roleplaying.
-The idea of Metanoia belongs to Galoree. Any relation to other roleplays is completely coincidental.
-I want you to have fun with Metanoia! Goof off between roleplaying. We are not a serious group.
-If you have any concerns or questions please consult me.
-If your character dies you may choose to: make a new character or leave the roleplay (you may rejoin at any time).
Your's truly, Galore

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