Nights Melody Pack of Rogues LIMITED ACCEPTANCE

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Nights Melody Pack of Rogues LIMITED ACCEPTANCE

Post by 5aba » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:43 pm

Nights Melody Wolf Pack is based off an old wolf quest pack that I was in. We were five strangers who met on a local multiplayer game and bonded mainly over the fact that if all five wolves howl at the same time, it sounds really pretty. The map was set to night time, hence the name, Nights Melody. It was overall just an enjoyable pack. We rpd, but we also talked and became friend ooc. We played hide and seek where you had to turn off the name tags and find eachother by howling. We attempted synchronized jumping and running. We had very organized hunts. It was just fun and playful and we had a good time. Overtime though it got harder for us all to meet up in private games and we just spread apart, and soon we just lost contact all together.

I'm looking to rebuild the Nights Melody pack with new members. I don't want to sound high and mighty or whatever but there is a criteria because I want this to be a mature group.

1. For one thing, I want this to be a chance to create a tight knit bond with a close group of people so I'm only looking for four other people to join Nights Melody.
2. PLEASE BE NO YOUNGER THAN 16. I'm 18. I don't know how many people play the game that are of an older more mature age but to ensure that this little group stays mature and and literate during rps, I would prefer older individuals. Those that join the pack will appreciate having members in their late teens/early twenties.
3. Mentioned above was literacy. Please be literate. I know some people may not have English as a first language or may have problems within the subject of literacy. I am very sympathetic to that as I am Caucasian and I struggled with English myself for years. All I ask is that you use punctuation and form proper sentences.
4. In rp try to stay as realistic as possible.
5. Do not bring other people into the pack. Don't give someone else the password to the pack. Please. Maybe later on we can expand the pack but for now I wanna keep it at five.

Regarding RP
-Nights Melody was originally meant to be not so much a pack but rather more of a just a group of loners and rogues who found it safer in number.
-There is no hierarchy, no alpha. Rather the one who leads at a certain time is the one who's talents are required at that time. The best hunter will lead during a hunt. The best fighter will lead in the case of a border skirmish. If two wolves get into s fight the most diplomatic wolf will break it up. Etc.
-They are not bound by the seriousness of pack life and would probably not have nice things to say about pack wolves. If you called them a pack they'd probably get very offended.
-They do not trap themselves within borders rather they use the entire land as their own.
-In human terms they would be the troublemaking rebels.
-They want to live their lives having fun and doing what they want. They'll purposefully cross pack borders just to cause trouble.
-One wolf may split off from the group and disappear for days at a time, he or she won't be hunted down, and when he or she returns they're just welcomes back into the fold without question.
-Fights happen. They're a family but their rogues. When fights do happen grudges aren't held. They lick their wounds and move on.
-Although they aren't a pack, they would always stand up for eachother ferociously.

General Rules
-RESPECT: Being rude and bullying won't be tolerated. Joking is okay but if you are actually hurting someone's feelings that is not alright.
-Powerplaying: Just don't do it. Come on. That's no fun for anyone.
-No bossing people around.
-Please don't try to take over the pack. Yes, it is still my pack but I don't want anyone to really be in charge.
-TRY: Try to actually commit to the pack. I don't want this to be some little rp/group you hop into now and then.

To join:
I'm not going to to ask for some stupid rp example or whatever. Just write a reply or message me why you think you'll be a nice fit in Nights Melody. It's not 100% necessary but if you have a main character you like to rp, give their own info below in this format:

Brief Physical Description:
Brief History:
Most Prominent Trait:

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