The Inferno Storm Pack

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Newborn Wolf
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The Inferno Storm Pack

Post by KnowTheLingo » Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:00 am

Hello, and welcome to the ISP page! This is a pack with ideas I thought up to make this pack more interesting! I have made my own ideas, such as Hunting Leaderboards which I will update on my notes app, and games members can play to earn PP, Or Pack Points.
First things first, here are the rules!

1. You MUST abide by the WolfQuest Terms and Conditions, as well as the Rules. There is NO excuse if you break the rules.
2. Harassing another member in this pack is strictly forbidden, and will result in you being removed from the pack. I won't tolerate it under any circumstances.
3. No stinking PPS! To rectify this, you must hunt an elk while I, or one of my beta players, are present. Confused? Keep reading! This will all be explained down below.
4. If there is a problem, PLEASE let a moderator know! I can help a small bit, yes, but I do not have the ability to fix problems as efficiently as the moderators. But if you are harassed or bullied by a pack member or non-pack member, let me know so I can write down their name and make sure they aren't allowed into a game.
5. HAVE FUN!I know I sound like that strict adult nobody likes, but apart from the pack rules, I'm a fun person! Right? XD
6. JOIN THE RIGHT PACK SERVER! There are both Chat Severs and Role-play Servers, hosted by my Beta Players. I WILL POST THE GAME NAMES AND PASSWORDS EVERY DAY AND SAY WHICH GAME IS WHICH!
7. You do NOT become a beta unless I personally message you! I PICK the betas!

Now, onto the ranks!

Alpha Male: Apollo (Me)
Healers: Jenny (Mimi84823)
Scouts: Edon (Rubensmink)
Omegas: Ghost (Leperdy)

To apply to join this pack, you MUST post this application form. This also counts for my current members who haven't done this yet, as I need to know your roleplaying skills! Please remember we do NOT role-play 24/7! This is both a role-play pack AND a hang-out pack! So don't worry if you can't spell very well!

Your Wolf's Name:
Desired Rank:
How Active Are you? (every day, once a week, etc):
How Are Your Roleplaying Skills?:
Which Do You Prefer? Roleplaying Or Chat Servers? (both is fine):

Now, after that long, boring part about rules and ranks and blahblahblah, on to the details! The JUICY details!

The Betas:

The Betas in this pack have a very special job. Because games can only have about five players playing in one server, how are we expected to accommodate the (hopefully) large number of people? Well, you have the betas! They are a part of the "Alpha's Council," as I like to call it, and they are a sort of "moderator group," for the pack. They host all of the games, which is why i only pick the most active and most trusted people to play this role. I came up with this after days of scratching my head in despair, and then I got it! If you're chosen to be offered a Beta position, I will message you personally. You do NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE ROLE! it's up to you! You can stay as an omega or a scout if you wish! in fact, you can be both! Sounds mad, but if you're a beta, you're just hosting the game and making sure no one is breaking the rules, so you can stay as your rank, but I'll put your name in BOTH ranks! Make sense? Good!

Here are the names of the different kinds of servers and their passwords:


Name: ISPRoleplay1
If there are more then one game being hosted: ISPRoleplay2, ISPRoleplay3, etc etc etc


Name: ISPHangouts1
If there are more then one game being hosted: ISPHangouts2, ISPHangouts3, etc etc etc


Now, races! I was playing around on Mineplex one day, and I got the idea from a player who I was talking to about video games (he asked me not tog I've his username). Races are a way of earning PP, and adds a fun, competitive element to the pack! Races will take place at the dam in Lost River, where it begins at the Allison Acre Lakes (My Betas will be informed of the exact location) and ends at the lake at the other end. There are two types of races. Short Distance and Long Distance. The Short Distance is for players with speedy characters with low stamina. It ends at the bridge in the dam. The Long Distance Race is for players with high stamina and low speed. THE RACE MUST TAKE PLACE WHILE A BETA OR I AM PRESENT! The race starts at the starting line (again, the betas will be informed of the location) and the paws MUST be touching it! The BETA must count down, and then you're off! It's a great way to earn PP with your friends and have bets, etc!

Pack Points:

So, on my Notes App, I got an idea. To help boost Pack Activity, and add a little bit of competition to the pack, I added: The PP LeaderBoard! So clever, right? Don't answer that. Anyways! You earn PP by hunting elk, roleplaying long, literate and original posts, and generally being you! The Betas decide how many PP are distributed, but when they are, they are REQUIRED to PM me the player's name, and the amount of PP they have earned! Do this a few minutes before you have to log off, betas, or else the player won't get their points! Pm me at the end of your WQ session, and i'll add them to the leaderboard! Here's a list of recommended PP to give in certain situations:

Hunting A Cow Elk (If Alone): 5 PP
Hunting A Cow Elk (with other players): 2 Each
Hunting A Bull Elk (if alone): 20 PP
Hunting A Bull Elk (with other players: 10 Each
Roleplaying long posts: 5 Per Post
Winning Races (Short Distance): 5 Per Race
Winning Races (Long Distance): 10 Per Race

I hope you are interested in our humble little pack, and hopefully you decide to bless us with your presence as a pack member!


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Newborn Wolf
Newborn Wolf
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Re: The Inferno Storm Pack

Post by isolations » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:34 pm

Hello ;D
I've actually just made a new account today after hearing of wolfquest 2.7 hehe,
but apologies if i make any mistakes lol
Username: isolations
Your Wolf's Name: Reitu (Rei)
Desired Rank: Beta? If not being a hunter is totally fine!
How Active Are you? (every day, once a week, etc): I'll be on a few times a week, at the max i may be on for two days straight for late nights lmao
How Are Your Roleplaying Skills?: They're decent, ill correct my typos every time if i made one or two.
Which Do You Prefer? Roleplaying Or Chat Servers? (both is fine):
Chat servers are more in favor, i rather speak and chill then be roleplaying eeerryday xD

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Re: The Inferno Storm Pack

Post by Dragonbot » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:42 pm

Username: Hrskoala
Your Wolf's Name: Daggerclaw
Appearance: grey fur, white underbelly & muzzle. two scars across muzzle and left ear is torn.
Desired Rank: Hunter
How Active Are you? (every day, once a week, etc): I sign in every day when/if I have free time
How Are Your Roleplaying Skills?: I think their pretty good
Which Do You Prefer? Roleplaying Or Chat Servers? (both is fine): Idk, roleplaying...?
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Re: The Inferno Storm Pack

Post by Silver Mist Wolf » Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:49 pm

Username: Basenji
Your Wolf's Name: Naesala
Desired Rank: Scout
How Active Are you? (every day, once a week, etc): Every day
How Are Your Roleplaying Skills?: I've been roleplaying complete sentences and paragraphs for 10 years.
Which Do You Prefer? Roleplaying Or Chat Servers? (both is fine): Both! It's great fun to roleplay sometimes, and when feeling particularly chill, just chat and hangout.

Notes: Naesala is female and submissive by nature. She's fairly small, so what she lacks in strength, she makes up for in speed.

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Newborn Wolf
Newborn Wolf
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Re: The Inferno Storm Pack

Post by KnowTheLingo » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:02 pm

ALL accepted! :D Thanks for joining!

Edit: BUMP :D Pm me for details on the game names!
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Re: The Inferno Storm Pack

Post by valkea » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:07 am

Do not double post, KnowTheLingo. If you have something to add, please edit your previous post instead.
If you want to bump your thread, please follow the instructions
here to enable the bump button and use that. While it is generally not an issue if you are adding some information to your post other than just "bump", keep in mind for the future that posting purely to bump and for no other reason is not allowed.
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