Wolf Quest 3.0 Xbox Controller mapping

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Wolf Quest 3.0 Xbox Controller mapping

Post by spruce56 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:01 am

I'm new to Wolf Quest, but I much prefer to use an Xbox 360 Controller to keyboard controls. The default settings cover a lot, but these are the customizations I use so far:

Move - Left Stick
Toggle Walk/Run- Left Stick Button
Sprint - Left Trigger

Move camera - Right Stick
Lock camera - Right Stick Button
Mark territory - Right Trigger

Camera mode - Left Bumper
Spare/Unassigned - Right Bumper

Bite - A
Eat - A
Drink - A
Pick up meat/hare - double-tap A
Pick up meat from carcass - double-tap A
Drop meat/hare - A

Toggle scent mode - X
Jump - Y
Toggle resting poses - B

Map - Back
Menu - Start

Open emote menu - D-pad Up
Primary howl - D-pad Right
Secondary howl - double-tap D-pad Right
Snarl - D-pad Left
Sleep - D-pad Down

The game plays very well, but at present there are a few options that still require the mouse:
  • The emote menu disappears if you release D-pad Up, and you cannot select emotions using A or the sticks - instead you need to hold D-pad Up, and use the mouse to make your selection
  • Start brings up the Menu, but you must select menu buttons with the mouse
  • Back brings up the Map, but you must select map buttons with the mouse
  • The Walk/Run toggle is clunky and unreliable - at times it seems to require a double-tap, at other times, it seems to require the Left Stick Button, then Left Stick Up in quick succession
  • No button currently assigned to zooming in and out - it would be good to have a combination such as Hold X, then use Right and Left Bumper to zoom in or out
  • No button currently assigned to First-person/wolf view


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