Stranger Territory Glitch

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Stranger Territory Glitch

Post by Spazilton » Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:39 pm

Ever go on a Wolf Quest multiplayer server in Slough Creek and get curious about what you can do with the stranger wolves that show up and growl at you? Well, with this, we can stretch that curiosity even further! So, when I was playing a Multiplayer Wolf Quest game one of my friends figured out to get in a stranger territory.
♥▐ HOW TO DO IT▐ ♥

1. Get at least 5 paces away from the territory

2. Run and press esc right after you start running and when your wolf completely stops, click Resume Game. If the Stranger Territory warning pops up click OK and repeat this step until you have gotten a little deeper into the territory

I am not posting this to complain about the glitch, I actually really like it! It's a really cool thing when your in the territory and doing a roleplay. There is four "stranger wolves" in the territory and in roleplay you could pretend they are you pack, making roleplays a lot more fun! So if you could, please keep this glitch because my friends and I really just like to mess around with it!

Anyway if you agree or have further tips on this reply! Until my next post,

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