The Ultimate Guide to Scent-View Mode

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The Ultimate Guide to Scent-View Mode

Post by Edme1 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:00 pm

-Table of Contents-
~Scent-view mode
~The Basics
~Stranger wolves
~Cow Elk
~Bull Elk
~Elk Carcasses

-Scent-View Mode-
What is scent-view mode? In scent-view mode, you can view the world with scents. In other words, you can see scents of other creatures that have passed by recently. Scent-view mode is essential for finding food, tracking stranger wolves, and chasing predators.

-The Basics-
To go into scent-view mode, press the 'V' key. Your screen will turn to black-and-white vision. This is so that the scent colors pop out more and are easier to see. There may be different colored things on the screen that are not gray, white, or black. These are creature scents.

Hares are basically rabbits. They are small, tannish-brown creatures that you can catch and kill for food. They don't provide too much food, however, and they run fast, making them difficult to catch sometimes. Hares look like this:

Hare (alive):
Hare (dead):

When you go into scent-view mode, hares leave behind a scent trail. Their scent trail color is orange.

Hare Scent Trail:

Coyotes are small, tan canids, smaller than your wolf. In Episode 2: Slough Creek, they are predators and attack your pups, but they aren't a threat in Amethyst Mountain. Usually, it takes three bites to kill a coyote. Sometimes, they are hard to catch because they swerve around a lot. They can be killed, but cannot be eaten. In Amethyst Mountain, you can kill them for fun. In Slough Creek, it may sometimes be necessary to kill a coyote to defend your pups.


When you go into scent-view mode, coyotes leave behind a green scent trail.

Coyote Scent Trail:

Bears are big and bulky, larger than your wolf. They have brown fur and mostly found eating at carcasses. In Amethyst Mountain, it is very hard to chase off a bear. In Slough Creek, if a bear threatens your pups, then three bites (starting at full health) will chase it off.


Bears leave behind a blue scent trail.

Bear Scent Trail:

-Stranger Wolves-
Stranger wolves are located in the wolf territories on each map, signified by the purple areas. You must chase off a stranger wolf from each territory to find a mate in Amethyst Mountain. Stranger wolves just look like normal wolves, with varying pelt colors and patterns. To locate a wolf, follow their yellow scent trail.

Stranger Wolf Scent Trail:

-Cow Elk-
Cow elk are found in elk herds. All of the elk are cow elk, besides the one bull in each herd. You can hunt cow elk for food. Their scent trail is pink.

Cow Elk Scent Trail:

-Bull Elk-
Bull elk lead the elk herds. There is only one in each herd, and they are identifiable by their large horns. Bull elk are much harder to kill than cow elk, but they provide more food when killed. They leave behind a pinkish scent trail, but more red than a cow elk's.

Bull Elk Scent Trail:

-Elk Carcasses-
Elk carcasses automatically spawn around both maps and are an easy source of food, if you can find them. When you go into scent-view mode, a pink plume indicates where an elk carcass is.

Elk Carcass Scent:

I hope this guide helped you out! :)
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