Cattle Ranch/Night Mission Guide. :D

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Cattle Ranch/Night Mission Guide. :D

Post by Croix » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:10 pm

        • Cattle Ranch/Night Mission Guide :D
                    • [list][list][list]Made by Croix, for Jinxi

Objective(s): There are two main objectives for going to the Cattle Ranch.
    • One: You aren't very good at hunting and providing for your pups, so they are slowly starving to death, while you are getting frustrated and desperate looking for an easy meal whatever the cost.
    • Two: You leik hearin' the cows go moo. If this is your main objective, then feel free to read something else, this guide is for people that need help. ^^
Now, if you don't feel like reading through this guide for whatever reason, there are a few videos on YouTube (my apologies if you can't view/watch YouTube videos) that may offer some help...

Wolf Quest Night Mission (cattle ranch) :

Wolf Quest Cattle Ranch Mission :

WolfQuest Cattle Ranch Tutorial :

            • Locating the Cattle Ranch

This is usually the main reason people don't know there is a cattle ranch, because they can't see it or don't notice it. The symbol for the cattle ranch on your compass is a barbed wire fence - ... sranch.png - Some of you may think "Well I don't see anything like that on my compass!", that is because you are only able to access the cattle ranch after you start the "Defend Your Pups" chapter in the game - ... urpups.png - after that, the cattle ranch with be accessable for the rest of the game.

          • Make your way to the Cattle Ranch

Once you have that all done and covered, just like anything else on your compass the cattle ranch symbol with become brighter and more opaque the closer you are. The cattle ranch it located to the East of the map, on the Northern half of Slough Creek - (the ranch is located on the image by a blue, semi-opaque circle, this is not in the game, so please don't look for it) - Hopefully that image gives you a general idea of where to go.

              • To go or not to go...

There is no marker of some sort that lets you know when you have reached the Cattle Ranch, only a message will pop up asking you whether you would like to go or not - ... essage.png - It's your choice to go or stay, no one is forcing you to go. ;D

              • Visit the Ranch! ^-^

If you chose "Visit the Ranch" on the message, you will spawn in a different area - - Hopefully you will immediately recognize why the cattle ranch is aslo called the "Night Mission", because it's night! Some things you may notice...
  • The camera angle is different
    You can't pause
    A fence between you and the cattle
    A purple-blue smoke cloud? - Will be explained later
    Your mate and pups are gone!
This is all normal. So don't worry about it. Try walking around a bit, the Ranch certainly is pretty. ;3

                • Cow VS Calf

Now that you have enjoyed the pretty sights and eerie sounds the Ranch has to offer, it's time to get to business. You want to jump (X key) over the fence between you and the cattle - - There are two kinds of cattle, cows and the calf.
    • Cow: All over the ranch. You are not able to kill these. They are tan and white, very large, and are able to chase you off the ranch if you get too close. They will moo and call out if you get too close, which can alert the farmer's dogs, in turn alerting the farmer.
    • Calf: The prize of the Ranch. Tan and white, with black legs, face, and tail. Slightly smaller then your wolf. There is only one, so you have to look closely for it. Dies in one bite.
You will know if you get chased of the Ranch by a cow from a message that will appear - - If you get chased of the Ranch, it's not a big deal, you just respawn outside of the fence.

              • Finding & Killing the Calf
Finding the calf is relatively simple. You don't have to jump inside of the fence right away, you can walk around the edges of it and see if you can spot the calf that way, or just make sure to stay away from the cows. Use whatever works best for you!
Once you have located the calf, walk/stalk/run up to it, once you see the red bite symbol, attack it. It will die after one bite - - It will only have so much meat, so eat quickly.

              • Leaving Dead or Alive?
At this point you should have heard a barking dog, if not, then you will probably hear it soon. The dog is something to be afraid of, as it means the farmer has been alerted and you may get shot. You do not see the dog or the farmer, so don't try to look for them, because you won't find anything. If you get shot, you die instantly - - and the sound affect of the gun isn't so pleasant either. :P
If you don't want to get shot, you can go to the purple/blue smoke cloud you have spotted earlier - - get over to that and a little message should appear asking if you want to return to Slough Creek - - choose whatever you like. You can also use the smoke cloud to go back at any time.

Moderators, feel free to do whatever with this topic~

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The Cattle Ranch--What To Do

Post by Edme1 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:08 pm

So, you've all heard of the cattle ranch just above the right side of the river. It is a quick source of food if you are at the Slough Creek or Aspen Heights dens, but it is not without its dangers. Find out how to survive and get food here!

Where is the Cattle Ranch?
So, where is the cattle ranch, exactly? If you open up the WolfQuest map, it is on the middle-right side, just above the right end of the creek. You can only go to it if you already have pups. Look at your compass. Spin around until you find the fence symbol and run towards it. That should lead you to the ranch. When you run over the right spot, a window will pop up asking you if you want to go to the ranch or not. Click the button that says 'Go to the Ranch'.

In the Ranch
Now you're at the cattle ranch. It is always night while you are there, so it is sometimes hard to see everything. Your wolf health and extra food for pups will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Run towards the fence (switch speeds my pressing 'Q'). Jump over the fence by pressing the 'X' key. Now you're inside the ranch!

What To Do
Now comes the tricky part. You must find the young calf. Run around the pen and search it to find the calf. It does not stay in a specific place. Be careful, though! If you stray too close to the adult cows, then a window will pop up saying 'The cows chased you off the ranch.' If that happens, click 'ok' and start over outside the fence. Run around and avoid the adult cows until you find the calf. (Remember, press the shift key and 'W' at the same time to stalk.) Get close enough to the calf so that the red wolf head appears. Then, attack it. One hit will kill the calf. Eat until you are full. The calf provides three servings.

Get Out!
Now's the time to get out! Run to the nearest fence and jump back over it. Remember to be quick, or the farmer will shoot you. If you have sound up, you may be able to hear a dog bark. If you hear that, get out fast! That means that the farmer might shoot you soon. Once you have jumped back out over the fence, run to the purple cloud. When you enter it, a window will come up asking if you want to return to Slough Creek. Click 'ok'.

You're Safe!
Now you're back at Slough Creek! You will appear in Slough Creek where you entered the cattle ranch. The game automatically teleports your mate over to you once you exit the cattle ranch, so he/she may get stuck by the riverbank as you leave. Now you have extra food for you and your pups! But remember to always be careful and quick when visiting the cattle ranch. If you do get shot, don't worry; you can reload a game called 'Auto-save Cattle Ranch'. The game automatically saves as you enter the ranch, just in case.

I hope this guide helped you out with the cattle ranch!
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cattle ranch guide: please move

Post by pearlymoorehen » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:13 pm

so you start your day in slough creek. and you notice a fence on your compass. you go to it and you are asked whether to go to the cattle ranch! if you say yes, you have come to the right place!
first, jump the fence with X. stalk with shift. stalk around. the cows will moo. do not be alarmed. find the calf. bite it, it will die in one hit. eat it quickly, dogs will start to bark. now get close to a cow. you will be teleported to where you started. now go into the purple smoke. you did the cattle ranch! :mrgreen:
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Cattle Ranch

Post by Anime4ever » Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:24 am

What`s Up!That is my first TOPIC! :D If u play WolfQuest 2.5.1 this topic is good for you!:3
1 First, if you see the fence go at them.
2 Cattle Ranch is out of Slough Creek
3 Kill the cow when she doesn`t see you XD
4 If you hear the dog you`re killed

If this topic helped you ......



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