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HELP WITH MATES...:I have good info

Post by Rosabell » Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:46 pm

Ok many pple are having some issues with there mate here is wat they are doing...
1. When your mate runs off with your pup its usualy in a panik mode
2.If your mate runs off with your pup then just press the "N" button so that the names will come up and u will be able to locate your pup.
3.When hunting most of the time your mate will not leave the den because if you left the pups. alone they can get killed by a bear or coyote
4.Many times when you return from a hunt or scent marking your mate will leave to feed he/she self
5.your mate can be very handy and nice at times as long as you watch for those glitches....
6.The way to move your pups is to give them food then move a little bit away then if they follow give a little more food and move away then just go by that until they follow you for sure...if one is not follow you after feeding for three times then just carry it
7. If you want get ride of our mate while hunting then howl and walk while he/she is howling then do it again and again and again and before you know it your mate will be miles away at were you started howling
8. There is no piont in peeing it just a waste of time so all you have to do is howl over and over again so that your pups stay close to your den....but preditors dont care about how much you pee...
1.Ok when it comes to bears and coyotes you must get ride of them as soon as possible because they may attrakt more
2.Bears can be chased off if you bite them three times
3.Coyotes can get killed by being bitten three times as well
4.When a hawk swoops down it will take some secaonds before it decides to kill your pup.
5.To keep predators away you should keep scent marking and eat every carcass near your den so it will not attrak nears
6.If your mate is paniking it may start to run in curcles confused with your pup in its mouth
7.When the hawks is neer your pup.(just before it attacks)you should chase it off as soon as possible that way it will leave you alone for just a few moments

----------------->pleeeease do not block if there are stuff wrong i will change it thx<---------------------------------------------
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How to Easily Find the Perfect Mate Coat Color (Updated)

Post by -x- Silvie -x- » Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:50 am

Sometimes it can be hard to find the mate of your preferred coat color. There are players out there who typically prefer a mate with a certain pelt color (often for a better chance of getting the desired pup colors), though it can be tedious to actually find one. The steps in this guide will help you find the wolf with your desired colors~

The easiest way to quickly find a wolf with a certain pelt color at any specific territory is listed below;

  • • Enter a wolf pack territory in Amethyst Mountain and find the social arena.
    • Come up to the wolf there, but don't enter the social arena.
    • Turn and run in the opposite direction for about 3 seconds.
    • Turn around and run back to the social arena; again, don't enter it.
    • The wolf there should be different! Repeat until the preferred dispersal is found.
Thus, a simple strategy, but can be much easier than running about the territories trying to find the perfect mate.

Different-colored dispersals also tend to appear more frequently in certain territories. I have made a rough list of frequencies in certain dispersal coat colors in certain pack territories so that you know where to look:

  • Specimen Territory --

    • Silver-white with black flecks
    • Mild golden with white
    • Dull mix of brown, white, and cream

    Druid Territory --

    • Black with white tint
    • Mottled brown with white
    • Dull mix of brown, white, and cream

    Slough Territory --

    • Mottled brown with white
    • Dull mix of brown, white, and cream
It also seems that certain genders of dispersal wolves can slightly alter the colors of their pelts or change the frequency in which that certain coat color appears within that gender. A rough summary:

  • Females --

    • Tend to have golden-and-white pelts more often than males
    • Tend to have black pelts more often than males
    • Tend to have silver-white pelts more often than males
    • Tend to have 'brighter' brown, white, and cream mix pelts than males

    Males --

    • Tend to have mottled brown-and-white coats more often than females
    • Tend to have duller brown, white, and cream mix coats than females

Happy WolfQuesting! Feel free to message me with anything you think should be added/removed/edited in the guide, or with questions.

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Get a mate fast and to speed glitch in 1 player

Post by Werewolf Leader » Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:20 pm

I will tell you how to do a speed glitch in ONE player, and to get a mate in less then 2 min.

First, in order to get a mate fast you must do a speed glitch in one player. To do the speed glitch here is what you must do. Go to TWO player then to Amethyst Mountain NOT slough creek if you do pick slough creek then you will be on sc doing the sleep glitch in one player, so you can not get a mate fast. (join or host it dose not matter) After that do the speed glitch in two player. (If you do not know how to do the speed glitch in TWO player what you do is you die (hunting is the fastest) then you open the chat box open when you see your wol's body on the ground, when it is open keep it open and you shoule respawnd running fast)
When you are running fast DO NOT TALK! Do not stop the glitch and open the menu by pressing escape. When it is open click on new game NOT Quit. When you have goten back to the main menu, click on single player then new game. When you start your wolf should be doing the speed glitch in one player!!!

When you you doing the speed glitch in AM one player go to all the wolves territorys, and talk to one in eatch territory. NOTE; Do not fight the wolves for you will lose health and then you will not be able to run fast and will not be abale to eat! When you do talk to all 3 wolves you will get the note about not finding a mate yet and the keep looking. When you get that keep on going to the wolves untill you find a desperal male/female, then become mates.

After you have your mate open the menu with escape and save the game, when you save your wolf will stop running. Then new game, single player, slough creek and then you have the game with your wolf ready to have pups in less then 2 min. of finding your mate!

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Coat Colors in Diffrent Territories

Post by Whitewing Mage » Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:32 am

Ok, this also seems to go with 'Finding The Right Color For Your Mate' or whatever. So... I'll tell you!

1st Territory (One that you are nearest when you start out): White, gray or red
2nd Territory (The one near the mountains): Very dark gray,
3rd Territory (The one on the bottom right): Black, very dark gray

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Guide To Finding The Best Hunting Partner :)

Post by BunnyLeap » Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:24 am

I've heard of alot of people complaining that your mate never helps at hunting, but here is the ultamite how-to for getting the perfect hunting mate!

1. Complete mission
Encounter all wolves before finding a mate

2. Find Dispersal
Find the dispersal wolf for your mate

Save the game before you encounter with the dispersal!!!!
If you do not you will probably end up with a horrible mate!

Encounter the dispersal until he/she becomes your mate

Now this is the important part. Take your mate and go find an elk herd; once you found it pick out the elk you want and begin to bite it. If your mate does not come up and begin to bite the elk, then you have what i call the "bleh-wolf", meaning you got a bad mate. Stop hunting immediantly and reload the game. You should start back before you encounter the dispersal!

-Watch your mate's heart symbol while hunting, because if you don't see your mate but the heart is fading in color, your mate is indeed helping!

I know, I know, it sounds like alot of work, but hey, if you want a good partner, you need to work hard at getting one! I hope the guide helped! Watch for more helpful tips!
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General Singleplayer Mate Tips

Post by Meadow125 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:02 pm

There are three different Wolf territories on Amethyst Mountain. The Grassy Plains, Amethyst Mountain, and Soda Butte Vista. When you start the game go to Grass Valley (it's closest).
When you arrive, push V and look for a yellow dot. When you see one, walk over it and your computer will say Territory Marker _ Minutes. In the blank spot it will say how many minutes old the mark is. Make your way along the path of dots until you find a large cluster one minute old or less dots. Then simply look for another wolf.
Here just leave the conversation if you want to make the game go faster. Otherwise have a realistic conversation with the other wolf. This also teaches you the language of the wolf. Wolves are very social and you may be able to communicate with pet dogs this way.
Now, leave the territory and head for Amethyst Mountain Territory. Repeat the process and talk with the next wolf. Now make your way to Soda Butte Vista. This is where things get tricky.
Here, repeat the process. Now, turn around and walk until you are out of the territory. Then just go back in!!! There will be a new wolf, just in the same place as last time. If you get a dispersial wolf of the opposite gender, then move on to the next step.
Just start this conversation with Hello There. Then move on to I like you and Let's Play! Soon, move on to Let's Start a Pack. Hearts will appear above your possible mate's talk box. When you get enough hearts, "The wolf becomes your mate". Name your mate and walk a few steps. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE! Now you have completed your mission. Congratulations!! I will be making another topic like this for Slough Creek soon.
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Your Mate & You

Post by Amethyst Rose » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:25 am

We all have our mate; the wolf whom we are "wed" to. Usually life with him/her is boring. Here's a guide to see that you can love your mate!
Mods, if there is a guide like this, feel free to delete this or move it.

• Choosing your mate
First off, you choose your mate! Of course, i have split this section into two - Males and females.
- Males
First, of course, you need to visit all the territories. Now, when you've gone on to the "dispersal" bit, you'll need to find a female to mate with. If you find a colour you don't like, no worries! Just back up until she's disappeared, then forward again. Keep doing this until you find a good colour. Next is size. You may want to be bigger than your mate, so i suggest you find a small female. Once you have mated, find a good girl name. Maybe you would like the name of your crush? Or a name you find very pretty?
Now, enjoy your new mate!
- Females
First, you'll need to visit all the territories. Then, when you're going to find a dispersal, go to the selected area. Then find a male with a colour coat that you like. If you find one you don't like, do not worry! Just back up until he disappears, then go back in. Keep doing this until you find the ideal colour. You might want a mate that is bigger than you, because it'd look good. then, once you mate with him, name him. You can name him after anything you wish, although i suggest a name you find nice, or the name of your crush. Now, enjoy!

• The Honeymoon
Before you move onto having a family, you should get to know your new mate. Go hunting, and see if s/he is a good hunter. Or, you could wake up at dusk at watch the sunset with him/her. Anything you would like to do. Although for hunting, i think it would be best if you went after a female elk. You don't want to die on your honeymoon, do you?
Another fun thing to do is find out what your mate can do. Take him/her to a wolf territory, or enter a hunting ground. You will be suprised to what your mate can do.
Remember, your mate can respawn if s/he dies, like you.

• Slough Creek
Now that you've finished AM, you've moved to Slough Creek to start a new family. Now, of course, you have to find a new den where you will birth the pups. Once you have found the den, stay there a while and get to know the area together. You can sleep together, or eat together. Once you know the territory, mark it and keep doing this until you're done.
Then, you have a family to take care of. Feed them, defend them, hunt, eat and the cycle continues. Then when you have completed that, the mission comes to get to the summer den. Do this, with your mate. Carry one pup and set it down, and let your mate carry the rest. During this part of the game, you'll need to feed your pups.
Once you have completed the game, you can continue to spend time with your mate in AM, or go back to SC and continue to take care of your pack.

I hope you enjoyed my guide!
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A Perfect Mate?

Post by Zero14 » Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:31 pm

There's really no such thing. Unless you're a seasoned gamer with good experience. And of course, a few tips could always help. So, most mates tend to be a bit annoying, and not much of a big help. How can you get them to be more helpful? There is a way. This should help you with your mate troubles. And if anyone else has tips and hints to add to this, then feel free to post them.

Some people complain about mates not being very helpful, as in, not hunting well, not taking very good care of the pups, or helping you out very much. Some people have extremely glitchy or "stupid" mates and are desperate for a less irritating one. I've already tested this out a few times, and it's really worked so far.

- As you approach your dispersal soon-to-be mate, stop and save your game first, just in case. Then enter the arena. Take your time with the encounter. Get to know your mate. Take a leap forward, a step back, see what happens if they lose a heart, what they say, etc. If you decide it's a good enough mate, go ahead and finish up, then give your mate a nice name. Maybe a name you think is a attractive or the name of your crush. Then you begin the bonding process. Take time to just chill for a bit with them. Mates seem obsessed with tail-wagging, so tail-wag yourself to heck, for all I care. I was constantly stopping to tail-wag and position my wolf right next or very close to the mate in an "affectionate" way, even when I was in the middle of something. This seemed to bond them more to me. Howl every now and then too, to celebrate the victory of a hunt or something. Just hang for a bit.

- Then, try chasing a coyote or a hare. How does your mate respond? Does he/she help you kill the coyote by chasing after it when you pause to let your stamina come back? Does it just follow you around stupidly for no reason and not do much of anything but stand there and tail-wag like a doofus? Next, try to get away from them. Just walk away, because they tend to follow you when you run. How far do you go before they follow? When they catch up do they push and jostle you around a lot? How far can you get away whilst running? Next, take them to a few social arenas with you and see how they react or what they do. Go hunting elk with them. Do they help with the elk hunt? Do they bite it a lot? Remember, keep tail-waggin'... it may get annoying but it works. Keep bonding them to you, keep at it. Go on a few hunts with them. Stay still for a moment and just stand close to them for a little bit, maybe while your stamina is returning. Get to know your mate, and spend as much time as you want or possibly can just exploring AM with them and having fun hanging out. It seems the longer you stay in AM, the closer they get to you.

- Now, when you think you're ready, go to SC. Continue the bonding process there, as if you hadn't left AM. Do what you need to do to get your pups. Mark up, do what you need to do to raise your pups. When your mate returns from hunting, (after the pups are born) take a brief moment to have a family howl or a tail-wagging contest with your mate. Then let them go do their thing, and you'll do your things. When you're away from the den, the mate will watch the pups. My mate has even helped mark the territory a few times, and always is spot-on when it comes to keeping those adventurous little rascals near the den. Keep tail-waggin' and family-howlin' when you have time.

- Then the journey comes. Your mate will be, or at least should be perfect by this time. They will continue to hunt every now and then, but when they stick mostly to your side, they will not be one of those annoying clingy mates who doesn't help with carrying pups AT ALL. I don't think I'm the only one who hates that. They will go and fetch your pups for you constantly. I only had to transport one or two pups most of the time, and when my mate wasn't around to help with that, I just needed to keep them all rounded up and patrol the area for predators. When larger predators approach my pups on the journey, I would only chase them, bite them once, and my mate would take care of the rest. Often times I think she worked harder than I did. She did a good job of keeping them fed and protected too when I had to leave duty to do something else or get food. EASIEST JOURNEY EVER. EASIEST GAME EVER. I highly recommend you give this a try. They won't glitch, either! Tail-wagging and family-howling is pretty much the main key here. Do what you think you need to do to bond your mate to you, thus making for a perfect mate when SC comes. I'm still testing it a little bit, just to make sure. This process may need patience, because you might have to put up with staying in one place for a long time, or whatever, etc etc. Hope this helped, and I apologize if there is already another post like this. If so then I haven't seen it.

Hopefully this should all help you gain a perfect or at least decent mate, who will be more willing to please and easy to work with, especially when the more difficult levels of SC come rolling around. Enjoy your mateship ~ ❤
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Stranger Wolves in Amethyst Mountain

Post by Flamesky » Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:12 pm

In order to find a mate and get to Slough Creek, your wolf must interact with at least one wolf in all three wolf territories. Some of these wolves will fight to the death, others will submit to your wolf fairly easily. Male wolves are generally more aggressive to intruders than females.

Soda Butte Vista: Druid Pack (Strongest pack)
Grassy Plain: Slough Pack (2nd strongest pack)
Amethyst Mountain: Specimen Pack (Weakest pack)
Dispersal wolves can be any color and do not belong to any pack

Druid Pack

Black Druid Male 1 : He starts off by saying, "Make my day!" He is the most aggressive stranger wolf; he always fights to the death. Can be killed.
Brown Druid Female: She says, "Who are you looking at?" if your wolf is male and "Make my day!" if your wolf is female. She fights to the death or one bite before death. Can be killed.
Black Druid Male 2: He is the weakest of the Druid wolves. He says, "Who are you looking at?" and fights until he is low on health.
Dominant Pair: Black Druid Male 1 and Brown Druid Female

Specimen Pack

Gray Specimen Male: He is the leader of the weakest pack. He says, "Who are you looking at?" and fights until he is low on health.
Black Specimen Female: Says, "What's up?" Although she will say, "You're not my family" or "I want to be boss", she only fights for a few rounds and submits quickly.
Black Specimen Male: Non aggressive wolf. He says, "What's up?" Submits without fighting.
Dominant Pair: Grey Specimen Male and Black Specimen Female

Slough Pack

Black Slough Male: Phrase: He says, "Make my day!" if your wolf is male and fights to the death. If your wolf is female, he says, "Who are you looking at?" and fights until low health. Can be killed.
Black Slough Female: She says, "Who are you looking at?" and fights until low health. Can be killed.
Brown Slough Male: He says, "Who are you looking at?" if your wolf is male and fights until medium health. If your wolf is female he says, "What's up?" and then "You're not my family" and fights for a few rounds before submitting.
Grey Slough Male: Non aggressive wolf. He says, "What's up?" Submits without fighting.
Dominant Pair: Black Slough Male and Black Slough Female

Dispersal Wolves: Non aggressive wolves. They say, "I'm not so sure about this," and will submit to you without fighting.
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Why my mate is "crazy"

Post by MimpiDreams » Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:47 am

Very players says "Why my mate is crazy?". Your mate is not crazy. Your mate is auto crate wolf and sometimes have errors. The mate is make to follow you,attack when you see the red wolf head icon,feeding pups (sometimes) And to the final pick up pups. Success with you mate in future. :wink:

thanks ICEWOLF636 and FuzzyDesertPaw


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