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How to make GIFs from media as personal avatars

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:28 am
by Koa
(Posting this here because there are too many stickied topics in Avatars & Graphics at the moment and this is more distinct than just a "tip" to add on to the Avatar/Graphics Creation Help Thread. Made with permission by Alpha Female and Redsky. )

How do I make a gif as my avatar?

Making gifs to express oneself from a favorite TV show, singer's performance, etc. is a popular practice.

gifsoup, senorgif, tumblr and many others are popular website where many go to find GIFs to use or post.
Instead of using GIFs off those sites as avatars, why not make your own?

Directly using gifs regardless from other sites may be a problem because there's not many you can find under 100 x 100, right? The size of the file could be too big for the avatar requirements here. Or, you may know how to make gifs but have no idea how to scale them to 100 x 100 using a free program.

Step 1: Joining a site that allows you to create gif
  • Join It's free, but if you wish to access certain perks and use them, you may want to join with a membership.
Step 2: Find your video
  • uses YouTube videos only. If you link to a video that isn't from YouTube, it will not work.
Step 3: Time your gif
  • Your gif needs to be under 15 seconds long. If you want a gif that's longer, you'll need to purchase a membership.
    The start time/end time of your gif goes in the corresponding boxes, i.e. if you want your gif to start at 3 minutes and 03 seconds in the video and want it to end at 3 minutes and 05 seconds you would put that as the start time and then the end time.
Step 4: Saving your gif
  • It is wise to save it as the largest size avaliable to free users (Medium) for re-sizing/scaling purposes later. (Sometimes the height, if you select the smallest version, will be under 100 pixels.)
Step 5: Upload your gif to
  • Go to and upload your gif.
Step 6: Editing and modifying the size
  • You can crop or scale your gif, or add text.
    I recommend that if you wish to crop your gif, you do that before anything else. Scaling is used for getting the gif exactly to 100 x 100 without removing parts of the gif like you would with cropping it. Adding text should be done last. Now save your gif!
Step 7: Uploading your gif to a photo-uploading site
  • I use to upload my pictures. Once you've found a photo-uploading site you like, you can upload your gif and use it now on places like this site. (Using the direct link and pasting it into the ""Off site" box in your User Control Panel>>Profile>>Avatars)
I hope that guide helps explain a few things! Good luck. (:

How to Make Avatars in Paint (Guide)

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:39 am
by Wonderland Summer
Hello. Are you having trouble making your own avatars to wear? Well, worry not. This guide will show you how to create your own avatars!

This guide is for Windows users.

Section One: So, first you open Microsoft Paint. Now, there are many colors and brushes to choose from. The colors are Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, pink, brown, cream, black, and white, too. The brushes include a plain paint brush, Calligraphy brush # 1 and # 2 , an air brush, an oil brush, a crayon and a marker, a pencil, and a water color brush.

Section Two: Pick a color, and then pick a brush. Now it's time to draw! Draw anything, a feline, a canine, even a meerkat. Now once you have finished doing that, you find the Resize button. It is located in the top left hand corner. Then, size the image to about 87x70 pixels. You now have an avvie, sized and ready to wear.

Section Three: Now it's time to save the image. Save it as a PNG file. That way, it won't smudge. Now, go to the User Control Panel on, and click Profile, Edit Avatar, and then click the Browse button. Find that image, and click Open, and then click Submit. Now you have an avatar!

I hope this guide helped you!