Nowhere is Safe -- A Guide to Internet Safety

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Nowhere is Safe -- A Guide to Internet Safety

Post by oxoDestinyoxo » Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:14 pm

I have created this guide due to a recent problem that arose here on WolfQuest. That issue would be the handing out of personal information, which in turn has put many people in danger, should the information leek outside of those who know it. What people don't realize is that not even WolfQuest is safe, there may just be online predators on here.

Here are some tips to keep you, your family, and your friends safe on the internet. Do not put other people in the path of danger.

    • 1. Never give any personal information to anyone you meet online.
      Nothing. No first or last names, no personal emails, no facebook or myspace accounts. Not phone numbers, never passwords, birth dates or years or credit card information. The list goes on. Any one of these can be used to to track someone down and put them in harms way.

      2. Never meet up with anyone you don't already know.
      Don't tell anyone your schedule and don't say where you'll be hanging out. No party announcements. People are often not who they say they are. If you meet someone on the internet, don't trust them. It is so easy to lie on the internet.

      3. Don't fill out any "fun" questionnaires that are forwarded to you, even if they're from your friends.
      Remember, anything can be forwarded to anyone, it just takes a few simple clicks. What you say online in emails can land in the hands of the wrong person, someone who could use the information to harm you.

      4. You do not have to answer emails or IMs from people you don't know.
      You shouldn't. Even if someone says they are "David's friend." David could be a lucky guess. Any so called "kids" you meet in chat rooms could be 30 year old adults for all you know.

      5. There's no such thing as "private" on the Internet.
      Though you can take any precaution to go invisible on the internet, forget it. Everything you post is there forever, even if you can't see it. Someone can find it, and keep it, forever and ever.

      6. Don't send pictures of other people.
      Don't do it. Not only does it put the other person in danger, but it is also a form of bullying, and could land you in trouble with the law.

      7. Never share your password with anyone but your parents.
      It's that simple. Even if you want someone to help you with a website, don't do it. Have them create an account and give them the power to do what they need to do. You never need to share your password.

      8. Fake identities work.
      When on the internet, do not hesitate to make a fake identity. This means a fake name, age, location, and date of birth. They do work in keeping you safe. Unfortunately, online predators use them to, but if both of you are lying about yourself, the online predator doesn't get anything, now do they?

      9. Internet friends are probably not the best listeners.
      Before bringing up personal issues with your internet friends, realize they may not be the right ones to talk to, about anything. Take a look at the phone numbers below to see who you can talk to.

      National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - 1-800-843-5678
      Covenant House - 1-800-999-9999
      National Runaway Switchboard - 1-800-621-4000


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