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Guide to colors-

Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:55 am
by Swift Night
Coloring you post is simple and easy for most Wolf Quest users but when your new it might be difficult. So i will show you where to locate all the colors and how to get a color that matches WQ background color.
• First Make sure your BBCode is on
(find more info about BBCode in or at )
• Next go to the post you are working on or a topic draft
• If your new locate the button that says "front color" left click it with you mouse
• You see there is various options that you may pick select the color you want either before typing or right click over you words and click the color you want.

I have done this but it still wouldn't work ?
Make sure your [color=#000000*] codes have and ending with it
[/color] ( with out the star or asterisk). If you tried putting to colors in one it will not work.->

How get WQ background color ?
Most of times users use WQ background color for making Pack Topics or normal topics without having to do black ... Well all you have to do is

Code: Select all

you may copy and paste this or type it if you feel like it.

Still stuck feel free to pm your question related to coloring your post depending on the question i will add back here.
Thanks For visiting ! [/color]

Advanced Color Making

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:03 pm
by NightlyH
Hello! This is a guide on advanced color code making and how to use this on the forums.

Basic Info

So, WQ has a number of colors to choose from but not every color is there (Like Gray). So I have found out a way to teach you on how to make colors that are custom to you! Lets start :D There are a few steps you need to know before you just start making random colors. There is a sequence of numbers and letters that are used in the color code, here is an example.

Lets use GREEN !

Green has the code #00FF00, so, how is this code used? Well, a "0" means that there is no color, so a code of #000000 is BLACK because there is no color. Now, "F" is as high as you can go with letters, "F" is full color, so the code #FFFFFF makes WHITE! This is just the easy part, here is how to make colors!!!

How to make and mix colors!

Ok, back to GREEN. Now these codes seem to just be random numbers and letters but there are "parts" to it. Let me break it down for you... In the code #00FF00, or green, there are 3 parts, and these parts are all different colors! Every color is made up of 3 basic colors, RED, GREEN, and BLUE! Those colors mixed the right way will give you WHITE. Here is why!

RED has a code of #FF0000
GREEN has a code of #00FF00
and BLUE has a code of #0000FF
Put the 3 together and you get the code #FFFFFF (or WHITE) :D

I dont know if you see, but the first 2 letters/numbers are all shades of red, and the middle 2 are all shades of green, and the last 2 are all shades of blue!!! So you can make lots of different colors by using letters and numbers.

Advanced Color Mixing!
NOTE: Basic color mixing is needed for you to understand what I am about to say :wink:
You may need to refer to the above color codes (red, green, blue) so you understand what this is.

Now, there way more than just RED, GREEN, and BLUE.. In fact, there are so many I cant even list them! And for everyone there is a color code.

Ok, when you mix green and blue, you get YELLOW! So, the code for yellow is #FFFF00, because you mixed the same amount of green and blue. Now, if you want PINK, you just mix red and blue. This sounds strange because you would normally mix white and red but not here, so the code for pink is #FF00FF. You can do this for just about any color! Same for LIGHT BLUE, just mix green and blue^^.

Mixing with numbers AND letters.
NOTE: You need Advanced Color Mixing skills to do this.

Now, to test you even further, we now can enter the world of numbers. Numbers are different than letters. Each number is a different shade of the same color. So, here is an example.

With BLUE and DARK BLUE you can go down a scale to make cool color effects! Here s my siggie for you to see!


Ok, see how the color goes down a scale, all of these colors are not on WQ... Here it is in code so you can see the different color codes!

Code: Select all

Remember, it want down from 8 to 5. All the same color but a different shade...
OK! You have finished the Advanced Color Mixing guide! I hope you make some great color codes and share them with the WQ comminuty ^^

A Guide to Text Gradients

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:31 pm
by oxoDestinyoxo
What Is a Text Gradient?
A text gradient is a block of text that switches between the colors it uses.

This is a text gradient.
This is a text gradient.

When is it appropriate to use text gradients?
Before using gradients, refer to the rule no SPAM, and one of it's definitions.
•Non-normal writing- Text speak (ex- btw I g2g), SHOUTING, or using excessive numbers of: smileys, font colors, or punctuation (ex- !!??!??!?!) may all be considered SPAM

Meaning, using multiple text colors in just a normal post could be classified as SPAM. However, in things like pack front posts, they can be used anywhere to make it more decorative.

How can I make text gradients?
Easy! You can generate them on certain websites made for that purpose, or make them yourself by coloring your posts with the above given colors, or other BBcoded colors that are not given above. Here are a few websites you can use to make text gradients.