Guide To General Posting I ~ The Posting Screen

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Guide To General Posting I ~ The Posting Screen

Post by sparky_wolf » Mon May 02, 2011 4:22 am

........................................Guide To General Posting I ~ The Posting Screen

So, you've decided to join the WolfQuest forums. You have browsed around, just quietly observing the threads. Your confidence has grown and you are now ready to post. You find a thread of interest and click the 'Post Reply' button. You are confronted by a large number of buttons. What now?

Well, this guide will take you through the complications of the 'posting screen' - just explaining what each button does - or should do. How to actually use them within your posts will come in a future guide.

...............................................................~Part I - The Sections and Features~
The posting screen has just loaded and there is what appears to be millions of buttons/options. Well, let's get started on the basic features.

- Down the right side of the screen there is a collection of yellow-coloured 'smiles' or 'emotes' labelled under, well, 'Smilies'. Try not to overuse 'smilies' as it may be considered as SPAM. The maximum amount of 'emotes' allowed per post is five.

- To the left of the 'smilies' section there will be a large, light-grey box. This will be where you insert your main text and edit it. During editing (adding BBCode, italics, quoting, 'smilies', etc) all items that you add will appear as words such as for underlining and for colouring (numbers and letters vary between colours). If typing a large block of text you will need to use the scroll bar located on the right side of the text box.

- Above the text box there is a long bar with ten buttons. They state the following, from left to right: B i u Quote ● Code ● List ● List= ● [*] ● Normal ● Font Colour[/color]. Each button alters your post in a different way, if used correctly. The section 'Normal' is actually a drop-down box that contains several other text sizes. They are the following, from top to bottom: Tiny ● Small ● Normal ● Large ● Huge.

- Above the editing bar there will be a grey, narrow box with 'Subject' to the left of it. This is, obviously, the place where you insert the subject. When replying to a topic it will already be filled with something like 'RE: Ideas For New Episode' or something similar that is related to the topic you are replying to. If you are creating your own topic you will need to put the topic here. Try to avoid using SPAM in titles.

- Below the text box there is three buttons, similar to the buttons above the text box. They state the following, from left to right: Save ● Preview ● Submit. These make the decision of what you want to do with your post, namely whether you wish to save it, preview it (this shows it with colours, 'smilies', etc, instead of just the words) or whether you want to submit it which is the last stage, sending it officially to thread as a post.

.........................................................~Part II - Other Items~
As well as the basics explained above there are some other sentences scattered about that you will need to take into account while creating your post. You will need to follow them or risk having your topic locked or your post deleted.

- Located above the 'Subject' box is a dark rectangle labelled, in bold, 'Forum rules'. It reminds you to read the rules for that particular area of the forums and to read the Forum Guidelines.

- Below the three buttons there will be a yellow tab stating 'Options', and this is connected to a grey box with, well, options. They state, from top to bottom: Disable BBCode ● Disable smilies ● Attach a signature (signatures can be altered via the UCP) ● Notify me when a reply is posted . 'Disable BBCode' will stop your post/topic from having colours, 'Disable smilies' will make you able to enter in 'smilies' manually (like this: ;) ) without it becoming a yellow 'smiley'. 'Attach a signature' allows you to attach a block of text to your posts, which may include what ever you please. Signatures can be created in the User Control Panel (UCP). Selecting 'Notify me when a reply is posted' will send you a PM when someone else has replied/posted to the topic.

- Lastly, there is a series of technical words beneath the 'smilies' section. On/Off simply means whichever appears on your screen. Some options cannot be changed. It states the following, top to bottom: BBCode is On/Off[img] is Off [flash] is Off[url] is OffSmilies are On/Off. The only item in that list that you can alter is the BBCode and 'emotes'.

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