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Ways to help around the forum

Post by jaguartail » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:20 pm

We've all been in the situation where someone breaks the rules and you want to stop them in the act, so to speak. Fortunately or Unfortunately, this forum prohibits backseat moderating(unless you do it really really nicely without direct orders). But, post reporting still exists. This Guide is to lead you through it:

Faq topic that has a bit to do with this, but doesn't explain the whole process and all that:http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=34763

Before reporting:Make sure no mods are browsing the forum you are in, if one is, wait until they leave, as they may notice and take care of the report you are handling. Also make sure the post is indeed an issue, not something that a mod that would just say "whatever" to, before moving on to the next reported post.

Which post to report?:If you'd like to report a specific post in a topic, click on the yellow triangle ! in the upper-right corner of the post. If you'd like to report an entire topic, click on the yellow triangle ! in the upper-right corner of that topic's first post.

I Accidentally began reporting a post/topic that I didn't want to report?:As long as you haven't submitted the report yet, click the back button on your browser, and no report will be submitted.

It says it's already reported! Is this a glitch?:No, it simply means that there is a unhandled report from another member regarding that post/topic, and as such, that post or topic may not be reported again until there are no unhandled reports regarding it.

Can I report posts of staff members?:Yes, but only for very serious breakings of the rules.

The Reporting area, which the said ! takes you to, has three sections.

The first is a dropdown list of four categories. Select the one appropriate for your report. The first is for pirated software reports, the second is for advertisement reports, the third is for off-topic reports, and the fourth is for all other reports.

The second is notification. If you'd like to be notified via the email associated with your WQ account when your report is dealt with, as well as know which staff member handled it, select yes. If not, select no.

The third and final section is Further information. If the topic needs to be moved, if a post or topic breaks several rules(use category 4 for this), or if there's anything else you want the person handling the report to know, simply type that in the provided box.

Once you are done, click on sumbit report. the staff don't mind the extra work at all, it's their job, and they'll be quite happy to handle the post or topic that you have now brought to their attention.

Thanks for Reading this guide, I hope it helped you in some way!!!!

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How to help around the forum

Post by Rhea » Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:23 pm

Everyone here on WolfQuest wants to help out and have their voices heard, right? If you do, please keep reading this guide to helping around on the WQ forums! ^^

There are several ways to help around the forum, some of which are already listed here in user guides. I have included the links if this is the case, and explained the ideas if it's not.

  • [1] Report posts that are aginst forum rules, and users that break them.

If you ever see a post that is against the rules, you can find out how to report the post at this guide: http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=44537
If there is a user you see breaking rules, especially on multiplayer, you can view this FAQ: http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=34862

  • [2] Be friendly around the forums!

This is a great way to be well-known for a good thing. Just be friendly and you'll have plenty of friends!

  • [3] Start new things around the forums!

Whether it's a pack, a avatar/signature shop, or even a community-run contest, be sure to help the WolfQuest community members interact!

  • [4] Send your suggestions to the administrator!

A handy way to help out A LOT around the forum is to send your suggestions to the WolfQuest administrator! However, don't send them directly, post them here: http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=44233

Thanks for reading this guide! I hope you find it useful! :D

* Mods, if there are any guides like this, feel free to do whatever you want with this one. C;

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Ways to Help Out & Welcome WolfQuest Newbies

Post by -x- Silvie -x- » Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:17 am

  • Lots of WolfQuest members want to help out around the Community; a lot of us especially want to give exceptional assistance to the newbies. Many of us want to make the newer WolfQuesters feel as we did when we were welcomed, but some of us aren't sure how to do this. Here's a few ways that you can make newbies feel comforted and accepted without breaking any rules. (:

    • -- Make them feel welcome! --

      The WolfQuest Community always has an exceptional ability to make newbies feel like the most special people on earth. This is because most of us are so open-minded with open hearts, and since we care for the Community and its members we usually go the extra mile to welcome newbies with open arms. How can you do the same?

      Think back to when you posted your introduction topic. How did the Community welcome you, and how did they make you feel? Chances are they made you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Knowing what actually makes newbies feel welcome is what makes it easier to actually do the welcoming. Most members' responses begin with something like 'Hello ---, welcome to the WolfQuest Community! I'm ---, and...' Pay attention to what the user says, and take the time to read over their introduction topic. If they're shy, let them know that many of us are often apprehensive in such situations, and that there's no need to be shy since everyone is so nice; enjoy reading what the member tells about themselves. Describing a little about yourself or sharing some things you have in common with the member will also form a bond between you and them, and between them and the Community.

      -- Help them out! --

      One of the best ways to achieve that cuddly feeling in newbies is to take the time to help them out. Answer their questions as best as you can, and try your hand at making suggestions. Providing links to places around the Community that may interest or help them is a crucial act of friendliness that can actually prevent rulebreaks; if a newbie is not aware of the rules, they may break them unknowingly. I find that the two most important links to give to any new member are the Forum Guidelines and WolfQuest FAQ, as these can save work for moderators and other Community members in the long run for various reasons.

      A fun -- and sometimes rather monotonous -- project that you can do for newbies in your spare time is to make a collection of links to forums and threads around the Community. You can put practically anything in there; links to all the forums of the WolfQuest forums, to helpful guides or popular discussion topics. I did this back in August 2010 when I first joined WolfQuest, and it worked well; it was quite easy to take a link out of the collection {which you can easily store in a Word document} and slap it into a reply.

      Even if you didn't or already did provide the newbie with a link to the Forum Guidelines or WolfQuest FAQ, you can always try making newbies feel that much more welcome by providing links to forums/threads that...

      • interest them. > > > For example, if a new user says they really enjoy discussing wolves, you can provide an extra link to General Wolf Discussion. If a new member talks about how they enjoy hearing about 2.5 {for example} and would like more information on the subject, direct them to the News and Announcements forum.

        help them. > > > If a new member has a question about the rules, about WolfQuest, needs serious help with the game/forums, etc., use links to proper forums/threads to direct them to assistance that you might not be able to provide.
      Using quotes to official information provided by the WolfQuest Team or staff also helps when answering questions. Just remember to be friendly and rule-abiding yourself; I also recommend looking through previous replies to an introduction topic, since you don't want to repeat links, quotes, answers, or other information that other members have already provided. (;

      -- Make friends with them! --

      Sometimes, when you're new to something, the best thing someone can do is offer a kind word, gentle advice, and a strong shoulder. And the WolfQuest Community is one of the best places to try giving these essentials yourself! (: Use your own intellect to understand what a newbie needs and provide it for them in a friendly, easy way; point them in the right direction; and if they don't seem too shy, you could even try PMing them! You could start off with a 'Hey there ---! I'm ---, and I welcomed you on your introduction topic. (: I just thought you might...' ...And so on. :] Be creative; starting packs with newbies or going on WolfQuest multiplayer with them are good ways to make friends with the newer members of the Community. All you need to do is be friendly, welcoming, and attentive to the rules yourself. ^-^

      -- Teach them! --

      If you're interested in helping more newbies in a more instructional way, you might enjoy looking through this topic and following its rules and directions to become a teacher for your very own WolfQuest noob! (:
      -- How to deal with a rule-breaking 'introduction' thread? --

      Sometimes the Introduce Yourself forum does get abuse. If you see a thread that advertises, disobeys the introduction rules, or otherwise goes against the Forum Guidelines, simply report it to the moderators by pressing the report button near the upper right corner of every post { (!) } and it will be dealt with as soon as possible. :]

      • I do hope this guide will help you welcome newbies and make the Community an even better place; if so, then it achieved its purpose. (: Happy welcoming~!
      important links to provide. > > >

      Forum Guidelines ---

      WolfQuest FAQ ---

        • Moderators, please feel free to do with this guide what you like. (;
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