How to get started: for new members of the forums

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How to get started: for new members of the forums

Post by Adalae » Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:40 am

All links are provided at the end of the post.


So, this forum is pretty big. It could be called intimidating. You just joined and you have no idea what to do, because you don't know ANYONE. Perhaps you had just been on the game for a while, but now want to see what the forum is all about. Almost everyone has been there, and this guide is for those that don't know how to get started. Let's start out with the basics.

The Basics

Of course the most important thing to do is look at the forum rules. Also be on the look out for rules in separate boards, because many have their own separate add-on rules. You can also check out "News and Announcements" to know what important things have been going on around the forums.

Meeting New People / Making Friends

After reading and understanding them, I say you should Introduce Yourself to everyone else on the forums! It's a great way to meet new people and have them learn more about you. On this forum, we have a great community, so don't be afraid to try and make friends (: . Please note that it is only one topic per user, and that you should be posting about YOURSELF, not what your OC or fursona looks like. Post about your interests, why you joined, etc.

If you're interested in chatting and making new friends, feel free to PM a user and pick it up from there ^-^ We don't bite, I promise. Another way to meet new people is to post on the OTT (Off Topic Topic). A lot of awesome people hang out there.

You can also join packs, which are open groups of people that have ranks, games, themes, contests and more! It's a sure-fire way to meet really awesome people. I also have another guide about that, "How to find & choose your perfect pack", that might be of some use to you if you wish to know more about packs. I wouldn't advise making a pack when you just join, however, because you want to get known on the forums first :3
(There are also many other guides to check out. You can find Game and Forum guides as a sub-board in the Tips, Hints, and Help Forum.)

The Arts

Now, if you are interested in the Arts (Writing and Drawing) you can send your artworks to the e-mail of and it will be posted in the User Artwork Section! You can also post your own stories about wolves (not any other animals) in User Writings. You're sure to get some readers and views! Please read the rules for both sections, however.

Discussing Your Interests

This is the last bit before I bid farewell. I think i've kept you reading long enough (if you got this far, congrats to you!). If you have an interest in wolves or other wildlife, there are many places to post on this forum. You can find all three below, under the "Talk About Wolves" forum . You can also post under "The Wild And You", which is about other animals other than wolves.

If you have other interests you'd like to discuss, you should also post in the "General Other Topic Discussion". I won't post the link to that one to see if you can find it yourself xD! (hint, it's in the last category)


Have any questions? Feel free to PM the moderators, who are the
green names of the forums. They can answer all of your questions, most likely, about posting places, creating topics, and the like. I also advise, however, to check out the FAQs. If you're having trouble, you can look there.
You can also post in "Tips, Hints, and Help" if you want.

I hope you have a great time on the forums! There are many more great places to post that I didn't mention, but I'm sure you'll have time to explore them all!

Have any suggestions about how I could improve this guide? Feel free to PM me ^-^

Link Overview: All the links that I mentioned
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