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Issues with Editing Posts: The Problem and Solution

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:10 pm
by Koa
Hi everyone,
If you are experiencing an issue where you are attempting to backspace or edit your post and are experiencing being scrolled upwards to the beginning of the post, then this guide should help you.

This seems to start when a user has exceeded a decent amount of text in their post and the scroll bar appears. Once the scroll bar appears and you attempt to otherwise add or edit your text, then you will be sent (or scrolled) back to the beginning of the post everytime you attempt to do so. It seems Internet Explorer 8 causes this, and a switch to Firefox should easily fix the problem.

A download for the latest Firefox version is avaliable here:

**Notice** This guide was based on my own and member experiences, so if there are other ways to fix this problem or if it isn't just Internet Explorer 8, let me know.

A Way to Edit Posts Without Buttons

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:28 am
by oxoDestinyoxo
Ohmai WolfQuest... what have you done now? So! It has come to near everyone's attention that the edit buttons are missing eh? Yeah... that may be a problem for shop owners and pack leaders at this rate. Well, there is a way to edit your posts still, though it may not be sufficient... it's there.

First you need an edit link...

That is a link to some post. Not sure which post... it just edits a post. That is the general layout of what we will be following in order to get to an editing screen.

STEP 1 : Get a post...
First you need a post to edit. For this example, I have chosen a pack.

STEP 2 : Get your topic ID...
Every link in WolfQuest has a topic ID. This is the part of the url that shows a two digit number and a letter. It is highlighted in Yellow below.

This is the number you need to tell the editor which topic to look for. When placing it into the editor's URL, you only need the number. Keep the P in the url, for that tells the editor you are looking for one specific post, rather than just a topic. After placing the topic ID into your editor, your URL should look like this..
STEP 3 : Get your post ID...

Getting a post ID may be difficult. For editing first posts, such as for shops or pack pages, the secondary topic ID will simply not do. When finding the difference between a topic ID and Post ID, it's simply a matter of how long the URL is.
Below is a topic ID. (highlighted in yellow)
To get your post ID, you must click on the title of the post. Each post on a thread has it's own title. It is the one found right above the owner and date of posting.

When clicking on the title, your URL will automatically change.
^ This is your new URL. Notice the set of numbers that was added to the end.
That is your post ID, this is the number you need in order to tell the editor what post you want to edit. Remember, unless your a moderator, you can only edit your own posts!

That set of numbers at the end is what you add into the editor in replace of this set... (highlighted)
Remember to not take the P in that set of numbers with you! We already have that.
Assuming you have done this correctly, this should be your new URL... (all changes highlighted)
STEP 4 : Edit to your hearts content!
Now that you have the URL, make sure you save it. We have no idea how long this fix will take, and it could come in handy for future use!

I really hope this guide has helped you fight past this horrid glitch to the extent of editing. ;)