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Using the Search Feature - Guide

Post by Masika » Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:31 am

It would seem that people either don't really know what the search button is or some don't understand how to use it. Well this guide is to help you understand what the search button is and how to use it to get effective results. Firstly, lets just go onto a few simple aspects of the search button:

What is the search feature?
The search button is a small bar (like the URL bar), which can allow you to find specific posts or threads.

Where is the search feature located?
The search button is found just above a thread(s) at the top left hand side of the screen. Here is a screenshot to make thins more specific:

Forum View:

Thread View:

What is the search feature for?
The answer in its name. The search button is used to help you find/locate specific threads or posts which you may need, or you may need to now about. In regards to this, here are a few points of what the search button is used for by users:
  • Finding Duplicate Threads - As you might already know, we don't allow duplicate threads on this board. So before making a thread, we encourage users to use the search feature so that we don't have tons of duplicates here and there.

    Finding Information/answers to questions - For example, you might come across a question yet you seem to be unable to find the answer within the FAQ's. Well, using the search button is a great way to find further information/answers to questions, most may which explain things in further detail than the FAQ's might anyway.
Now then. lets move onto how to actually use the search feature.

The search feature actually had two sorts of views, the Forum & Thread view <- (I personally call this just a regular search) + (refer to the question 'Where is the search feature located?' for visual views on that), and it also has the advanced section ( ... search.png). Now, I'll move onto certain sections of using this and what not.

General -
  • Put down certain words or phrases relating to what you are searching for - Having words which relate to the subject you are trying to locate is certainly the easiest way to find what your looking for. As an example: Looking for a subject regarding mates, type down 'mates'.

    Try and put down as many words relating to the discussion as possible - The more words you have which relate to what you are looking, narrows the results down to those specific aspects.

    Try to avoid posting only common words (e.g. the, how, when, ect.) - Posting words such as 'the', 'when', ect. will not help narrow down your search, in fact, it'll give you a list of results and most may not even relate to what you are looking for. Plus a search can fail if the word is too common (e.g. 'a').

    In additon, here is an extra detail quoted from the advanced section of the search feature, as this does apply to both advanced and regular:
    Place + in front of a word which must be found and - in front of a word which must not be found. Put a list of words separated by | into brackets if only one of the words must be found. Use * as a wildcard for partial matches.
I'm not really going to explain much about the regular feature, because all the aspects of the General section pretty much cover this section.

Advanced -
  • Put down an author if possible - If you are certain that a specific user has created a thread/post regarding to what your searching for, I certainly reccommend putting this within the search (in the section search author), considering it'll definitely cut down the results for your search if your certain about the author and what not.

    Choosing a specific section - Of course, you want to make sure your searching in the correct section of the forums, so just select the board you wish to look in if your certain your search might be there (e.g. Your pretty sure that informaton related to hunting can be found within Tips, Hints and Help). However if your looking for similar threads, I would reccommend not to choose a certain board to search through, as you never know where similar threads can pop up whatever section they are in.

    Specify if your looking for a thread or post - This is a great way to narrow down a search. If your certain that the information your looking for is within posts, then it wouldn't really be needed to have threads with similar titles (unless the posts are in this thread), no? Then, I'd certainly reccommend using this if you only really want to find one of the two.

    Dates - You are able to narrow down searches to when posts are specifically made. Whether recent or old, if your looking for threads/posts made within a specific time frame, then certainly do use this, again, its another way to limit results.
Anywho, this is pretty much all you really need to know about the search feature and how to actually use it. Be sure to use the search feature whenever you feel its needed!

If anyone thinks something needs to be added or what not, feel free to send me a private message and I'll go a head and change it. Moderators, feel free to edit and add additional information.

Thanks for reading, Happy WolfQuesting!
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