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What are experience points and what do they do?

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:36 pm
by WQ Coordinator
As you play WolfQuest, complete the missions, hunt, and interact with other wolves, you earn experience points, shown in your player badge (near the top left of your game screen) and in your player stats. As you earn points, new things should become available to you within the game. Here’s what’s programmed:
  • •1500 points- you can name your pups
    •6000 points- your ‘pee prowess’ goes up 1 level (each level reduces the number of territory markings required by about 15-20%)
    •10,000 points- pee prowess level 2
    •25,000 points- unlock a 4th den choice & pee prowess level 3
    •50,000 points- unlock the ability to have a pure white pup & pee prowess level 4
    •75,000 points- pee prowess level 5