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I started a game in Amethyst Mtn- why am I in Slough Creek?

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:31 pm
by WQ Coordinator
This is a problem multiple players have had, though we cannot figure out why or how to permanently solve this issue. For now, to fix the problem, you can either save your game and load it again in Amethyst Mountain, or you can load a previously-saved game in Amethyst Mountain, press Esc, then click on 'New Game'.

Edit: Here's another possible solution. Sometimes if you play multiplayer in Slough Creek, the single player game may also open in Slough Creek, even if you select a new game in Amethyst Mountain. So open a multiplayer game in Amethyst Mountain before creating a new game in single player, and that should work to start a new single player game. (Thanks to WolfQuest Member Coryn for suggesting this!)