WolfQuest: AE update 1.0.3 Released!

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WolfQuest: AE update 1.0.3 Released!

Post by loboLoco » Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:23 pm

WolfQuest 1.0.3 Released!

Note: This update is available for Windows now, via Steam and WQ launcher. Mac update coming shortly.

NEW: Winter season in Amethyst!
* Winter season begins on or soon after December 1st in game calendar. If you load a saved game that's after that date, it will be in Winter. The game world is blanketed in snow, about a meter deep in the highlands and half that in the valley. Creeks and waterfalls are frozen, but the Lamar River remains open.
* Elk migrate down into the Lamar Valley in November and early December. You may notice them slowly wander that way as they graze. If you load a previously-saved game that is past December 1st, they will begin their migration then.
* Grizzly bears have gone into hibernation, so they won't challenge you over carcasses.
* Bull moose will lose their antlers in early January. (Bull elk and buck mule deer don't lose their antlers until later in the winter.)
* Many birds have migrated south, so the forests are quieter.

NEW: Lost River (Classic) game map!
* This is the map from WQ 2.7, with a few upgrades, but mostly has the same low-quality models and textures as the 2.7 version, combined with all the new WQ:AE game systems (unting, courtship, competitor fights, dynamic time and weather, etc.)
* We are calling this "Classic" because it used the small (2x2km) map from the old game. Later this year we will create a new version of Lost River that matches the size, scope, and quality of the Amethyst and Slough Creek maps in WQ:AE. This will be DLC, available as an additional purchase.

IMPROVED: Optimizations:
* Improvements to game logic (uses CPU) when many animals are spawned (usually after playing for quite awhile).
* Improvements to graphics performance (uses GPU), including:
- Better performance on Basic Sky & Vegetation mode, especially if both Ambient Occlusion and Anti-Aliasing are disabled.
- Faster versions of cliff rocks on lower quality levels (with new "Other Objects" pulldown in Game Settings: Graphics panel)
- Note: Scent View still has substantial slowdown on low-end hardware, still investigating that.

REVISED: Territory marking:
* We have revised aspects of the territory and marking system, but these are mostly disabled in Amethyst, since players cannot claim territory there. They should not affect gameplay significantly.
* Territory hexes show strength of territory claim on mouseover.

* Reduced maximum number of grizzlies at a carcass.
* Adjust elk health levels so some are more likely to have mid-level health.

* Visible crack between terrain tiles in valley floor.
* Some issues with shadows (e.g. some shadows were not continuous, but broken lines)
* In Basic Sky & Vegetation mode, rivers are fully visible through fog.
* Splash effects are broken on lower Chalcedony waterfall.
* Snowshoe hares do not change to white coat in winter.
* Rain can occur in winter months.
* Can start to urinate while running.
* NPC animals occasionally can get stuck on trees.

* The World Map moves in wrong direction when you click-drag it. Will be fixed in next patch.
* On certain computers (Mac using Intel integrated graphics, certain old Windows dedicated GPUs) in Amethyst: Basic Sky & Veg mode, distant trees are sometimes multicolored, and sky may have similar discoloration. This seems to be a Unity game tool bug but we are still investigating.
* On very old (2012-2014) AMD GPUs, terrain may have white patches. Try upgrading your graphics drivers and submit a bug report if that helps. If it doesn't, please test different Terrain Quality settings and submit detailed bug reports about the results of your tests.
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