Patch 1.0.1a Released!

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Patch 1.0.1a Released!

Post by loboLoco » Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:48 am

Today’s patch has a few new things and a bunch of fixes, mostly to issues in last week’s game update. We’re most excited about the new aspen trees, made by vegetation artist Kerry Baldino, with gorgeous fall colors and elk damage — when other food is scarce, elk chew the bark on the lower portion of the trunk.

* Mates will now hunt snowshoe hares.
* Aspen trees, replacing the placeholder model.
* Aurora borealis (northern lights) appear occasionally at night.

* Reduced attack damage dealt by all mule deer.
* Reduced mule deer fawn's max health by 25%.
* Refinements to fox swimming action.
* Tweak to Grizzly Boar fur length.

* Free camera (right-click to orbit) doesn't work.
* Tree trunks sway out of sync with branches.
* Wolf walks funny after loading a saved game where it was on uneven or sloped ground. (IK)
* Wolf forelegs bend oddly during some bite attacks (fixed some cases, not all yet). (IK)
* Wolf forelegs sometimes angled back stiffly when biting another wolf's neck. (IK)
* Wolf sometimes does handstand on carcass. (IK)
* Sunlight shadow direction is incorrect in early morning and late afternoon.
* Abrupt change in light direction a little while after sunrise.
* Eagles dip underground when landing.
* Sometimes you can't bite the cougar.
* Carcasses sink into ground twice before disappearing.
* Wolf can get stuck running along the border north of the Lamar River.
* Reduced microstutter when elk herds despawn.
* Bumpy terrain in a few places.
* In some spots, distant terrain is missing in Basic graphics mode.
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