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Patch 1.0s released!

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:45 pm
by loboLoco
* Game can get stuck on the "Crash Detected" screen.
* Bold mates often leap off cliffs.
* Hare and Meat Chunks move out of mouth when switching to Photo Mode while sprinting.
* Grizzly Sow freezes sometimes.
* Raven is missing feathers on underside of wings.
* Mule Deer Buck carcass has blank eyes and teeth.
* Fight and Flight meters don't display in certain situations.
* Grizzly cub can get too far away from mother.
* Some scent readout text is too long for interface panel. (Elk ground scents with long herd names)
* Grizzly cub carcass misaligned after death.

* Tutorial Tips now available for browsing in Game Help panel. (More help info still to be added.)
* New alert if your mate is starving and needs to eat.
* New alert text when you reach the border of the map across the Lamar River.