Patch 1.0p Released!

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Patch 1.0p Released!

Post by loboLoco » Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:14 am

* This is the last patch for a few weeks, due to vacations, but we have some new stuff coming in September, plus big features in the coming months like achievements, multiplayer, and eventually Slough Creek and pups.
* We are still working on issues with the wolf IK (which currently cause odd body distortions) and we don't need more bug reports on those at the moment.
* If the camera lock-on still occurs for you when zooming in or out, try going to Game Settings > Controls > Remap Controls, and click Reset to Default Settings.

* Water bodies don't respect fog in Enhanced graphics mode (regression; still doesn't work in Basic mode).
* Occasionally a scent trail is extremely old.
* Wolf urinates on foot sometimes. (This patch has some refinements to the urine stream, but it's not perfect yet in certain situations and will probably need special coding. Ah, the life of a WolfQuest developer.)

* Elk now won't stand up just before dying, instead will collapse from prone position.
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