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Patch 1.0o Released!

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:35 pm
by loboLoco
* Some missing text (loading text, damage readouts, FPS readout)
* Frozen or ghost animals.
* Zooming camera in or out locks the camera onto current target.
* Terrain and tree collider tweaks.
* Mate permadeath status not respected in some cases.
* Can't do hold-bite on grizzly bears.
* Some music tracks too loud.
* Fossil forest doesn't respect fog in Basic graphics mode. (Still a known issue with rivers and fog on Basic mode.)
* Coyote can be too aggressive in certain situations.
* Display Resolution doesn't list all monitor resolutions. (Please F11 a report if you still have problems.)
* Possible fix for snowshoe hare texture problems.
* Going to main menu while sleeping brings the vignette effect with it.
* Control remapping panel looks empty (actually just scrolled way down).

* Cougar carcasses added.
* Stranger Pack territory colors tweaked for better visibility on world map.
* Refinements to wolf urination effect.
* Wolf claw color tweaks.
* Snow accumulates on boulders. (Not on cliff rocks yets, that's trickier.)
* Minor tweaks to Flight/Flight logic.