Patch v1.0j Released!

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Patch v1.0j Released!

Post by loboLoco » Wed Aug 07, 2019 6:23 pm

Two notes on performance:
  • The last patch worsened performance a bit, at least on Enhanced Sky & Vegetation setting. We've fixed one thing that caused that, but still tracking down what else changed. Sorry about that!
  • We are making progress on the stuttering lag that occurs when terrain chunks load. We hope to have a good improvement on that in the next patch.

* Trees lean excessively in Basic Sky & Vegetation mode.
* Autosave icon (running wolf) gets stuck in corner of screen forever.
* Possible fix to "can't get up from sleep" bug.
* Grizzlies and coyotes live in peaceful harmony.
* Dead mate won't die.
* Territory meter (hex icon) is sometimes inaccurate.
* Unable to name mate.
* Moon is ginormous in Basic Sky mode.
* Emote Favorites don't save.
* Wolf plays inappropriate animation to some grizzly attacks.
* Snow dust too bright at night.
* Wolf fur around neck and face has problems when radio collar is selected.
* Wolf's neck bulges when howling while sitting.
* Slight echo of wolf howl is audible after howl ends

* The game adapts if you change the sex of your wolf after creating it (in terms of prospective mates).
* Display resolution pulldown does not list duplicates.
* In Basic Sky & Vegetation, cliff wall terrain added so those rocks don't float when seen from the valley.
* Atmospheric perspective added to Basic Sky & Veg mode.
* Hare swimming looks slightly better.
* Adjusted volume of some music tracks.
* Modest reduction in RAM memory usage.
* Possible slight performance improvements on low-end hardware.
* Some placename labels added to world map.
* In Basic Sky & Vegetation, cliff wall terrain added so those rocks don't float when seen from the valley.
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