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Donations to WolfQuest

Post by loboLoco » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:52 pm

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed the new "Donate" button on the left navbar. We've set this up to let people make donations for WQ3 and Tower Fall game development, if anyone wishes to do so. To be clear, we are not actively seeking donations and this doesn’t represent a shift in WQ funding. Rather, we have gotten many requests from WQ supporters asking about contributing to game development, so we finally decided to provide an easy way to donate, for player convenience. We very much appreciate donations and all the other ways that players support WolfQuest!

Other ways you can support WolfQuest development:
•Tell your friends that WolfQuest is a great game!  Games sales are why a little game about wolf ecology is still going strong after more than ten years.  
•Follow, subscribe, and support WolfQuest on social media and Steam. Good buzz keeps WolfQuest alive.
•Write reviews. Great ratings and positive reviews from our fabulous players make a huge difference! Take the time to give WQ some love wherever you are online.

Thank you all for all your support. We truly wouldn't be here doing this without you.

Dave and the WolfQuest Team
WolfQuest Game Producer

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