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Enough losing is Enough...

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:58 pm
by little pup 2
:evil: You will not believe what I just heard! If there are: - 100,000,000 different species on Earth - and the Extinction rate just is 0.01% / year - then 10,000 species go extinct ever year! Wow... This is sad, and it must stop! I'm here to list things you can do daily at home to save animals.

Hardcore Recycling. Recycling like nothing else. Make everything you need out of recycled items. It stops landfills! That way, we can stop using animal habitats as landfills!

Donate to the WWF. These people are on a mission to help all animals on the planet. Help them do that by donating.

Buy some land, or known as donating. If you own that land, nobody will be allowed to invade it, and animals are free to live safely in that area.

This is a small list of what you can do daily to help save these animals from harm. Help the cause today!