Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

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Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by Kayeotic » Thu Jul 23, 2020 6:06 am

So I often have memories of the old days of playing WolfQuest (mostly mp) and I thought I'd list some of mine, yall can list yours too!

1. The old soundtrack always hits me with the nostalgia chills, same with the old howls.

2. The sound that would play when your wolf was full scared me as a kid.

3. The cattle ranch and me being too scared to try to complete it (I eventually 16 years old)

4. Joining a rp server for the first time and being confused as to why someone called themselves alas and asking why, only to get blanked and asked whats my genre. :oops:

5. My first wolf OC being called Shadowbite and having red bleedy eyes!!! oo scawy

6. the silly arguments my friends would get into.

7. Thinking i was cool bc i could take down a bull elk (with the help of the rally)

What about you guys? is there anything you remember from ur first/old days on wq?

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Re: Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by TimberRaven » Tue Aug 04, 2020 12:16 am

1. Making huge piles of elk, hehe
2. Crazy RPs!
3. The mass amounts of players' bodies that would pile up while trying to hunt bull moose. Honestly, back then I was so confused as to why they even existed, I thought they were immortal!
4. Wondering what is triggering the hunting music and moose noises by the mysterious LR enclosure...
5. 75% of your friends' list being online all the time
6. Talking about our bizarre books
7. Talking in CAPS waaaay too much and not being self-aware at all
8. My very first WQ wolf that I had ever made was named Storm, and she had a lot of stamina, wasn't very fast, and was moderately strong, and she had the white coat.
9. Going through old save files and remembering the names of old wolf characters you've long since deleted
10. Finding a really fun and nice player, putting them on your friends' list, but then unfriending them for some reason, and then three or four years later, seeing them come online again, and then re-adding them and wondering why in the world you unfriended them!
11. The cattle ranch being so fricken' scary! XD
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Re: Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by Zawki » Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:20 am

I joined a hunting server in 2.7 for the first time in a while recently. I reminded me of how I used to hunt with the same people every morning until my main wolf reached Pack Elder.
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Re: Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by Phasoli » Fri Aug 21, 2020 2:37 pm

The days of Led and Alas and spending long summer nights private messaging friends on the forums were some good times, haha. People really got creative with the tints of Wolf pelts too, since there were only a few at the time.
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Re: Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by DinoDogDude209 » Sat Aug 22, 2020 11:12 am

Just in general, WolfQuest 2.7 gives me a lot of nostalgia nowadays, mainly because I remember spending hundreds of hours playing it before the Anniversary Edition was released and have so many great memories from it. The maps from the original game and the soundtrack from each one are probably what gives me the most nostalgia for WolfQuest. Hearing the beautiful Slough Creek music while walking across an open, grassy meadow, or hearing the original Amethyst Mountain exploration theme, or hearing the lonely harmonica theme of Lost River while exploring an abandoned city, always just brings back my nostalgia and makes me think of all the memories I have from the game. It gives me a reflective yet exciting feeling that makes me want to keep coming back to the game.

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Re: Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by Shinda_kage » Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:26 pm

oh man i remember whne mw and my sister where about 5 or 6 years old barely knowing english . we loved to play wolfquest in singleplayer mode chacing all big bears away seeing them run so fast xD . one day we saw the button ,, multiplayer" on the main menu and asked out dad what that meant. he explained and we both went DAD PLEASE REJISTER WE REALLY WANNA PLAY! he had to request two seprate emails and i remember you had to wait like around 6-11 hours to get the email that verefies you. we had to go to bed and i remmebr it was saturday morning my dad came in and told us the email came and we jumped out of bed hoping on the pcs and getting everything ready. we both created our wolves and jumped on the server telling us each the name on which we would go. so we jumped on and i remember ALOT of peopel were on one server at the time. i think thats where multiplayer was really new and it didnt had the 8 player max. i think it was around 15-30 players on that server and i remmebr us runing down the mountain and just floating in the air all the suddent. the server crashed alot but we both had huge fun tbh even if we werent really understanding what people said.

oh also last summer when it was announced hey if you guys get woldquest 2.7 now you get A.E for free! and me and my sister where like... hecking YEAH so we both got 2.7 and we instantly made an account and played together online getting flashbacks from when we first did it. i was a bit suprised when we got the verification email instantly remmebring how long it took when we where like 6 years old. so we both played at a private server we created for hours and than later jumped on a public server. in all the years we didnt play wolfquest we had so much fun adn discovered all the new stuff you could find around the map and all the new custamisations was just mindblowing and nostalgic for us.
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Re: Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by MCSMNerd1 » Tue Sep 01, 2020 7:53 pm

1. 2.5 Multiplayer.. or at least when you could still play on it! The glitches are very nostalgic!

2. The original howl. It gives me such good memories when I hear it

3. Amethyst Mountain music. I used to listen to it all the time!

4. When you could only use phrase chat in 2.7 multiplayer games. Ah, those were the days!

5. Warrior Cat role plays. I always had the most cringe names. I also would always call the game "Warrior Wolves"

6. The disappearing eagle glitch. People would always rage quit!

7. People entering my public games asking if I had seen someone, always happened!

8. Saving spots, I'm glad that's in the rules now that you can't do it!

9. When people would glitch public games and make them have 100 players!

10. Being terrified of the cattle ranch! :roll:

There's a lot more than just that, but I wouldn't have room for all of them!

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Re: Nostalgic WolfQuest moments

Post by Nek0chan » Mon Sep 07, 2020 5:43 pm

- Playing 2.7 again after so long.

- Seeing Amethyst Mountain remade in WQ:AE.

- Finding ways to glitch into Floppy's enclosure in Lost River.

- listening to the awesome guitar music.

- Seeing the birds actually move.

- Going into the Cattle Ranch. :cow:

- seeing the old text interface to do the dispersal quest.

- Seeing the updated graphics and mechanics in AE.

Everything has improved so much since 2.7! :D
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