Answers to some "WHY?!?!" MP issues some players experience

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Answers to some "WHY?!?!" MP issues some players experience

Post by TimberRaven » Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:30 pm

Hello! I didn't know what to do ('cause I was bored) so I made a long topic on most MP problems you have most likely seen or heard of... if you play MP :wink:
WHY do players get annoyed when a new person joins an RP game in the middle of an RP?
Usually because either they're weird (I'm kidding X3) or because they're used to having the number of players in the RP (especially if all the players have to be together, like a pack RP) that was there before you joined. Sometimes having a lot of RPers and then another one can get frustrating because some people get overwhelmed with too many players.
WHY do players act weird with some users whilst totally chill with others (even if everyone in a game is cool)?
Yes, I've heard of that some players think of a random username (pikachu30, pAer, and Kenna123 are like some they guess) and then tell everyone they know that that user is the worst player ever. It spreads everywhere with stuff like that, and they do it just for attention. Or they see a username in a game and then cry about after the game is over. And maybe the awkward player heard that one of the other players in the game is "bad", even though he/she seems totally cool.
WHY do some players favor one specific pup in a litter?
Usually they favor the pup they named ("Star named the black pup over there OakHeart and will not put her down for players to bring her across the river! But she doesn't know where to cross"). But sometimes a player gets so determined to get a specific pup color they want to claim or the color of the litter of pups that they have that they will sometimes play as the wolf color they want the pups to be and make sure no one joins before having pups, otherwise they'd better be the same color or they will be kicked, or they will jack someone else's pup from being able to be fed or carried because it's the same color they want (Host named the white pup, but Star won't let anyone near him!).
WHY do people like to play with the Slough Creek den in RP games?
Because it is an awesome tree in an awesome spot on an awesome map ^^ And because you can jump into it. Honestly, it's my favorite den to use in RPs too!
WHY are some games glitchier than others?
Usually that's because the host is on the other side of the planet than you are, has a bad internet connection, has a bad WQ internet grip, there are a lot of players (usually five to eight) and there is an equal or nearly equal amount of Mobile and PC players. Then things start getting really weird. All the scenarios listed are real things I have experienced in a WQ MP game.
One time I was carrying a player's pup across the river because he/she didn't know how or where to cross. The pup died, even though his health was 90%. He started sliding across the ground, still dead, southwards. The owner of the pup was very sad when the exact same thing happened to the other pup, and the game had to end as those were the last two pups (the other two pups were killed off by predators)
And one time, I came across a frozen herd of elk, standing in a pattern unable to move. Killed it. Game ended afterwards. ?
...And... there was a coyote invasion. They were all after our pups, after two had spawned at the same time with the intention to eat them, three more glitched coyotes spawned, and they're health went down two times slower than usual.
Once I was hosting a game while the internet connection was being tampered with, and so it was very bad. Similar glitches occurred.
WHY do players typically choose strictly either Aspen Heights or Saddle Meadows as their den?
With dens, some players like their games long and harsh when they choose Aspen Heights, because it is farthest from the Rendezvous site. With Saddle Meadows, it is the closest den, and the journey there is easy and you only have to cross the river once. And with that part of the river, there are actually a lot of gravel trails that shallow the water, which adds to players' favor. And some people like Aspen Heights because it is a very cute den (and it comes with flowers!), and some people just like cute dens.
WHY do some players drown pups?
Most likely EVERYBODY who has played a pup server has accidentally drowned at least one pup in a game! When people don't know where to cross, but insist you let them cross with a pup anyway and they drown it, and whine about a second chance, you should direct them (if you haven't already) where the crossings are, but if they are too stubborn to listen you should warn them (if you are host, if not you should tell the host, but if the host is the stubborn one no one is forcing you to stay in the game). If people join just for pup-drowning, however, you should kick them immediately after sitting idly in the river with a pup in their mouth until the pup drowns, unless you want to deal with them. People sometimes mark themselves as pupkillers by naming their wolves things like MagicKiller, PupKiller, PupDrowner, PupSuicide, KillPups, etc. and sometimes they name themselves that while being totally harmless.
Anyway, hoped this helped with some popular questions you might have been having, and you can post along too ^^
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