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Wolf Quest Tournament

Post by islandgeckos » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:22 pm

Is there currently a tournament in WolfQuest? If not, what do you guys think about the idea? I have a basic plan for one right one, but it needs some work.

Current Events Planned:
Basic chase and catch hunt- one chaser leads elk to catcher for attack. Catcher focus on strength and speed, stays in one spot until in bite range. Chaser focus on speed and stamina, chases elk to catcher. Points judged on time, mistakes (chaser misses catchers zone or catcher misses elk), and clear roles (wolves do not change between catcher and chaser).

Bull Hunt- points based on time, # of wolf deaths, and # of cow elk killed (goal: kill bull elk)

Pup Race- finish the raising pups scenario- points based on time, deaths, # of pups alive in the end

I will publish a tournament guide, rule book, and event calendar on the forums, if people are interested. I plan for six events.

Pack/Team Structure;
Alpha/Observer- wears radio collar for identification in events (observer keeps pack organized and plans event strategy)
Catcher- Black Wolf
Chaser- White Wolf

To prevent cheating or fake entry results, pack alpha is required to record visual and audio data for youtube, also a 'judge' wolf will be attending the event and recording, this judge will be determined later on

What do you guys think? if you have questions please ask. I'm working on rules, and how to judge the six events. I do know that a total of 300pts is possible in each event, 100 for each category. The categories will vary in different events. The pack with the most points after all the events wins. I'm thinking of using trophies, or plushies for a prize.

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Re: Wolf Quest Tournament

Post by TimberRaven » Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:51 pm

I'm very confused. Is this IN the game, or... yeah. Why do the catcher/chaser have to be specific colors? I disagree because of confusion and too many questions to ask...
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