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Update needed for forum rules

Post by Frodo1 » Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:35 am

Hey all,
I've run into a problem a few times on here that I think needs to be addressed. We all know (or should know) that double-posting is considered a form of SPAM. However, as the forums have grown older, sometimes I've found that I want to reply to a topic I posted on long ago that has been inactive since. Now, if I simply edit my post, no one in the world will see it-- but double-posting isn't allowed. I propose that we add an amendment to the rules, stating that, after a specified length of time (weeks/months), replying to your own post is allowed. I certainly understand that double-posting under most circumstances is not a good thing, and gets obnoxious, however in many situations double-posting is NOT just spamming, and, at least in my opinion, sometimes becomes necessary.
This wasn't really an issue in the early days of the forum, but as the forums have gotten older, I've run into this more and more, and I really feel it needs to be addressed.

I'd suggest an update that allows people to double-post ONLY if their previous post is more than one month old (or some other length of time-- long enough so that an edited post would probably not be read), AND if their second post is not meant just to bump the topic. Either that, or we need some way of marking "new" posts when an old post is edited.
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Re: Update needed for forum rules

Post by valkea » Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:38 am

If you need to post something new and would be double posting if you did so, you are free to delete your previous post and re-post it with the new information (or only include the new info and go without the old info). If it is your own thread and is in a board in which bumping is allowed, you are also free to use the bump feature to bring attention to it. You can find instructions on enabling that button here. In the case of questions, lock requests, and other things that can be handled by a moderator, you are also welcome to message one of us instead of posting.

Considering these options, I personally see no need to update the rules against double posting.
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