Have you seen any reaccuring NPCs?

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Have you seen any reaccuring NPCs?

Post by Dragonbot » Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:48 pm

There was one single player game i made where i stayed in AM, and whenever i went to this one certain pack, this guy was always there:

He has the coat color i have always thought of as the 'Coyote' fur, so i call him Cyote. I used my wolf Loki, and named my mate Jinx. When i first met him, i might have beat him up a little, i don't remember. I come back, and like usual there is another wolf. I fight it, leave, come back, and its the first guy again. After that, every time i came back it was Cyote. Now, him and Loki get along well. In this picture, i wish i could see jinx's expression better. It's like:

Me: :D Hi Cyote!
Cyote: :D HI LOKI!!!!
Jinx: -.-
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