Help with bug: No predators in Defend Den mission

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Help with bug: No predators in Defend Den mission

Post by loboLoco » Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:53 am

A few players have reported a bug where predators simply don't show up during the Defend Den mission. We're trying to investigate that, but need more info. If anyone's had this problem, please tell me:

Did it happen in multiplayer or singleplayer?

Did you see any predators at all before they stopped coming?

What difficulty level were you on?

Do you recall the last mission popup that you see when this bug occurs? Here is the mission sequence:

1) You’ve Got Pups! mission intro.

2) Train Pups mission intro

3) Tip on feeding pups (in the middle of Train Pups mission)

4) Training completed.

5) Defend Den mission intro.

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