Crazy Multiplayer Experiences

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Re: Crazy Multiplayer Experiences

Post by SapphyWolf » Sat May 28, 2016 12:15 pm

Something crazy just happened to me on multiplayer. Me and a group of people were raising pups and I went to go pick up a pup named G and when I did a coyote came by the den and near my pup, Hiro. My wolf wasn't carrying the pup so I thought "Well maybe I didn't really click 'pick up' " and went after the coyote, 'cause nobody hurts my pup! As I attacked the coyote, G somehow appeared in my mouth and when the coyote died G fell out of my mouth and was walking away. I kept trying to pick up the pup but the game kept glitching and I no matter how many times I clicked 'pick up' my wolf wasn't carrying the pup. After a few seconds of trying to pick G up the host ended the server. :/ It was kinda funny having the pup in my mouth as I attacked the coyote, but still.
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