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Re: Phrase Chat suggestions

Post by Asphodel » Tue May 10, 2016 11:57 am

After playing public for a few days, I support the following:

(sometimes you want to tell new players to follow the person acting as pack leader, but you can't)

Hunting for experience points
Don't overhunt
(I overhunt when I'm levelling up new wolves and I've seen someone complain about that - if you can tell people that's what you're doing, they can reply indicating they don't want that on the game with the above two options)

is the host
(it's not always clear who is, and if the host is posting Glitch! that gives you advance warning the game may be ended suddenly)

Having disconnect issues
(Not just "I was disconnected"; I was once disconnected FOUR times from the same game!)

Low stamina
(This is needed more for pup raising games. Stamina seems to be the essential point for carrying pups. But it's also a good way to explain to someone why you've stopped hunting.)

Herd elk towards
(If everyone just runs after elk, anyone with low speed and/or low stamina gets left miles behind. I usually try to herd elk towards the other players to give them a chance to get it. It works better with fast wolves or those with high stamina.)

I'm slow
I don't have much speed
(advance warning if your wolf has high strength or high strength and stamina and not much speed so others can help herd elk towards you)

elk hunting grounds near
(when I try to direct people where to go, quite often the name of the place I'm looking for isn't there, or it isn't named on the map so I end up saying Lets hunt cow elk Follow me and running in the direction of the hunting ground hoping the others follow me)

elk all hunted
no elk left
(this has happened more than once i.e. overhunting - I start a new game then but it's good to be able to warn players who just joined and don't realise there aren't any elk left)

look for the scent
(there's an option for "I found the scent" but not for you to instruct people to look for it, and sometimes elk are hard to find)

elk herd
(not just "cow elk" or "bull elk" - I usually take down most of the cow elk and then target the bull)

I want to solo this
(if you don't want help hunting)

Edit: I support:
I don't know
(I've often been asked questions I can't answer :P)

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Re: Phrase Chat suggestions

Post by Rustic » Tue May 17, 2016 3:21 pm

I have a few suggestions
The first I believe I also saw others list but will mention it anyhow as figure can't hurt and can only be good if more than one person thinks it is needed:

I Don't Know (PLEASE add this...I can't tell you how many times people will ask me have we met before...and I have no way of telling them...I once tried saying yes, no....but that of course only confused them)

Waterfall (unless I am mistaken and this is actually in there but was trying to tell someone when was on lost river map that I was going here and couldn't seem to find it listed under placed...if it is there my apologies and disregard this suggestion)

Welcome (again we really NEED this one. I have often been in games where someone uses the Hello, I'm New Here phrase and I have no way of saying Welcome to them...saying Okay! and Great! just doesn't cut it in my opinion.

Possibly add Eat...not as necessary as the ones listed above but was trying to tell someone to eat a hare carcass the other day and they weren't really getting me.

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Re: Phrase Chat suggestions

Post by Oolimoomoo » Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:00 pm

Maybe a tab for weather/time of day?
Like "Could you change time of day to"
Also things like
"I love the rain!"
"I don't like rain"

Because I love rain, and sometimes I just want to express that XD
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