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Re: Wolf Character Bio Center

Post by alexterri2 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:58 pm

Koa wrote:
alexterri2 wrote:
Koa wrote:Generally, "wolf biography" threads or "Introduce your wolf here!" threads were locked because they catered towards roleplaying. Given the existence of the roleplay thread, I can see how it would helpfully extend towards users potentially posting biographies for the wolves they use there, as well. With that in mind, the rules here need to be similar to those of the roleplay thread in order for this thread to remain open.
- All characters should have realistic characteristics and reasonable histories, and otherwise should follow in-game rules and guidelines.
Question: are the characters allowed to be, say, wolfdogs, or something?
No, sorry. They can be other species of wolves, though. Again, similar rules for roleplay thread:
Aww, I can't post one of my characters then :(

oh well I'm too lazy to post anything right now anyway lol

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Re: Wolf Character Bio Center

Post by Insomniac_Olympics » Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:43 am

Name: Kai
Age: 4 years 2 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kai is a lanky, bigger wolf. Her fur is white with grey and tan markings stretching from her nose to her tail with some black mixed in. She has many scars on her face and front legs from scraps with other wolves. She has piercing amber eyes.
Personality: Kai is not as social as most wolves. She's very cautious and aware of her surroundings and steers clear of potential conflict. She tends to stay away from wolves but will lag behind a pack to get scraps if shes desperate enough. If confronted, she will stand her ground. Though cold, she isn't heartless.
History: Kai came from a small, close nit family pack. However, when a bigger pack tried taking over, they lost their leaders. Once she was grown, she had gotten used to the tough life and set out on her own. She has gotten into many fights from sneaking through different territories.

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Re: Wolf Character Bio Center

Post by Black Burn » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:40 pm

Name: Blackburn
Age: 4 yrs
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Yellow gold
Coat: Deep black
Tints: Dark gun-metal gray
Appearance: lean, mean, cougar kill'in machine, Long, Silky fur, strong, Skilled, tall and good-looking (to other wolves)
Personality: bold, brave, cool, Fun-loving, and laid back at
some times but always ready To hunt or defend his pack, sly and cunning
He's not afraid of anything, he is reliable to help with a hunt or put a stranger in his place
Good traits: reliable, Good natured, Protective, loving, loyal, Great sense of humor, Smooth talking
Bad traits: short tempered, Aggressive, speaks his mind
Likes: Showing-off, hunting, chasing Bears and Cougars,
Fighting strangers, helping ones in need
Hates: Coyotes, foxes, crows, Druids,
Pack: Fire Valley Pack
Rank: Expert Wolf
Often Seen At: Amethyst Mountian
History: Blackburn was born in a small pack of six, his parents, and three siblings. Food was scarce and hard to come by, meaning Blackburn was taught to defend himself at
At the early age of just three months. Two of Blackburns siblings died of starvation, and that was when his parents decided to make a long journey to follow the elk herds, his last sibling died on the journey. But when the tired and hungry pack got to there rondavoues site food was a plenty, and with Blackburns hunting skills the pack flourished. Blackburn stayed with his parents and helped with there next litter until those pups could help with hunting, then he left to fend for himself at one and a half years old. He grew into a strong and skillful hunter and was feared by all other Male wolves. He now has a pack of his own.
Strength: 100%
Stamina: 0%
Speed: 50%
Sorry this was so long, hope its okay
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Re: Wolf Character Bio Center

Post by TimberRaven » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:12 pm

Gender: Female
Fur Appearance: Red-orange fur with grey and black markings, light green eyes, yellow and white head including ears and white chest and underbelly.
Age: Two years and four months; eighteen days.
Muscular Appearance: Very weak but can run extremely fast; and never tires.
Traits: Dominant. Protective. Not always kind. Keeps her promises. Easily irritated. Smart and clever. Not very good sense of humor. Sneaky. Mischievous sometimes not in a bad way. You must work hard to truly earn her trust.
Interests: Watching fights without being detected. Hunting moose, elk, and (and in WQ3) mule deer. Running for hours (exercising).
Rank: Expert Wolf (gamma)
Pack: The Shadow Canids
Dislikes: (Specific users from WQ who join MP games to harass), being submissive or outran, socializing with rude wolves, being unsuccessful when hunting moose, and losing pups to predators or rivers.
History: Seria's name was inspired from another game (Seer-EE-ah). Seria was born into a small pack, and happened to be the runt of her birth litter. It's tricky to pack a punch with a powerful bite, but running and stalking is no problem. She doesn't like to encounter her enemies while hunting or caring for her own pups (I've played with her so many times it's hard to keep track of her pups and other players/computerized mates). You can find Seria in MP games, but people ages thirteen and over won't easily find her games (Phrase chat MP games are just so scarce when you have text chat MP games unlocked).
Strength: 0
Stamina: 75
Speed: 75
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