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Your Final Journey

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:07 am
by Desoto343
I Finally completed my final journey with all four pups still alive!
My Family:
Diona (Me)
Dion (Mate)
And our pups
Dusk (and no I'm not a fan of the Twilight books)

It was EXTREMELY stressful, even though we lived at Bison Peak. I was extremely scared to let anyone out of my sight. Then I developed a new tactic. I would carry a pup for a bit, put it down, and go back for another. Dion, however kept moving them back to where they had been, which was extremely annoying. When the eagle came I got very jumpy, and twice it nearly snatched Dusk away (my favourite pup)
We got to the river and I began bringing the pups over. I brought Twilight over and then went back for Dawn, but Dion (the idiot) went back for Twilight and when I was coming over dropped him in the river. I only just about managed to save him! Then a coyote turned up and I managed to kill it quickly. Then, Dion ran off to hunt andf the eagle showed up again! I managed to get rid of it luckily, and Dion eventually came back to feed the pups.

We got across the sand bank, and there was about 300 meters to the den site. Then, DISASTER. I was doing my best to keep the pups together but I noticed Eclipse had wandered away. As I went to collect her (Dion followed) I realised that we had strayed into enemy territory, and were chased back over the river. Then, to my utmost HORROR, the eagle came back, and me, Eclipse and Dion were on one side of the river, and Dusk, Dawn and Twilight were a good 200 meters away! I charged back to them as fast as I could but in my haste I nearly drowned poor Eclipse in a deep part of the river (though luckily I got her out in the nick of time). As we got to the other pups, the eagle was moments from snatching Dawn away (the message "your puppy Dawn will die soon" appeared) but Dion saved her! He had never so much as helped me hunt than scare away a predator before!

We made it to the clearing wher the densite was, and I was having dificulty getting everyone within the green circle on the map, and then. A COYOTE! I chased it, and Dion followed. Dion delivered the deathblow (he had never killed or even chased a coyote before!) But as soon as we were done with that, the eagle came back AGAIN, and all the puppies had scattered! I dealt with the eagle once and for all and... SUCCESS!

I leapt for joy at the end, and was extremely grateful not to have encountered any bears along the way!

Tell me about your final journey!

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:25 am
by ValsWinter
My final journey was exasperating. All four of us started out toward the gathering spot. It went well until we got about half way there. Avani, my mate, kept carrying the pups all the way back to our old territory! I had to continue to run back and forth making slow progress to the river. Once we reached the river Avani managed to drown one of our pups, and he just sat there and watched as the eagle carried off another of our pups while I was carrying our odd colored pup across the river.

Then finally as I got the two remaining pups closer to the end point a coyote managed to run off with another of our pups! So at the end it was me, Avani, and our last pup Lavi.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:16 pm
by Thandi
My final journey was pretty good.

I had three pups and my mate and my health bar was full and there were little predators.
We eventually got there after about an hour of playing.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:15 am
by Neamara
Interesting topic. :)

I prefer to set a challenge, so my final journey was quite arduous! (starting from the furthest, working to get to the summer den... typical "hard mode" setting lolz)
...then I got lazy and started at the closest den to the summer home for a very easy home run. X3

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:01 pm
by goldenwolf1
I was the furthest from the den sight i turned it on and off a bit cause i loved all my pups alot but i was troubled at the deep water i could not find shallow water >:o in the end i swam all my pups through deep water WARNING do not go though the spawning postion there are so many predators first there was coyote then a eagle and then a bear i limb to food then another coyote came and you know where bob spawn never go there he spawn every second! when i finnaly got past my spawn point i was atack by a eagle then one by one i pick up my pup's and then a problem struck me i was staveing so was my pup's and my mate only feeds one ramdoom pup >:( in the end i ran very far and raced back and fed them all when i finnaly got there my pups kept exsploreing and they starting to get hungry and after a while my pup's were hudleing around well it felt like it as i watch get more hungry then what luck a rabbit i cought fed them all and mate come back top it all of and we all howled sadly the game sometime dosent work for me so it stop working :3 but it was great to have my pup's i just wanna say in the futre when 2.5 out mabye they should have a mini part when you get to teach your pup's and just for that part there are many small animals like frogs birds ect and your pups get more exspearience but you have keep your pups going or they will fail and will never learn but just suggestion

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:26 pm
by BitterApple
I love the final journey. I think it's too easy, so I pick the den furthest away from the summer spot, and go the long way to it. xD
Of course, that usually leaves me with one pup left, but it's more interesting.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:09 am
by smokey123
Oh, my final journey was a DISASTER. the pups didnt learn to stay at the den till they were fifteen pounds! and when they are fifteen pounds then they go on the journey. My mate, Hawk, was useless, and infact i think he made it worse. Every time a pup strayed from where i wanted it to be he would bring it back to me. Like on the journey i would bring one pup over and when i got to the other pups Hawk had bring the other pup to where i was which made it useless to go any farther. Well when we were at the sand bar crossing, i looked away for one second and a bear snatched my pup up. This was my favourite pup, Ash, a cute little thing. I had to except it because i could do nothing about it. We contuinued our journey and four coyote SUDDENLY showed up! Well it was around an elk body though. I tried to keep the three pups in sight when my mate fought off ONE of the coyotes and didnt kill it till all were gone. Luckily the three pups survived then. We went on, on the journey, pups starving for food.One pup had wandered away from me and i looked to where the name (shadow) was and a hawk circled above him. i watched in terror and my mate looking at some FAKE bird got to his senses. He rushed out and scared the bird away, the pup would have been eaten for that. I can thank him for that though. then there was no more problems along the way, we got to where the stars destination was with the three pups. I stayed in that game for a while just with a normal life and eating food, well it was good.(my mate isnt ALL that useless.) :wink:

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:23 am
by wolfluver86
This was my babysitter's game on WolfQuest, and she doesn't know much about it, and when she wasn't babysitting me for awhile, I thought maybe I could fill in for her. After all, she didn't have an account on here to log in. Anyways, here are the wolves that were on the Final Journey, and what happened on it.
Leedle: Mother
Pootie (don't ask): Father
Leedle Jr.
___________________________________________________________________________ The final journey was quite crazy. The coyotes and bears didn't come at first, but then, we had a surprise guest named Eddie the Golden Eagle. I tried to save the pup the eagle was after, but then in a blink of an eye, the eagle snatched Rain right up, and I was too far away to save her. Then the pop-up said "Your puppy, Rain, has died." which made me feel kind of bad. But then, I noticed that I couldn't feed or pick up the pups. At first, I thought it would wear off, but I was wrong. Then the eagle came and took Sommer away (I think). So then, we were left with Sun and Leedle Jr. So then, I saved and reloaded my babysitter's game so then maybe it would work, and I was right. Then I decided to run into a stranger wolf's territory so then Sun and Leedle Jr. could come. It worked, but then when I put Leedle Jr. on the Sandbar Crossing, a bear came along, but he was targeting Sun! So I ran across the Sandbar and bit Bob three times, then he ran off. But then, I had a problem, Bob took nearly all of my health down, and the Sandbar Crossing was right smack in the middle of wolf territory. So I fed on a nearby carcass. But when I took Leedle Jr. across the Sandbar again, a stranger wolf came out of nowhere. And then I decided to go to another shallow area I remembered in multiplayer. But then the eagle came, and I couldn't take it anymore, so I quit the game.

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Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:05 am
by shirobushi
The Final Journey is so exhausting XD I still had all my litter, and that became quite tricky. My mate didn't help either. On the very start, just as we left the den, a eagle came. I developed a strategy for it. Know the pup its' after, isolate it from the litter, and just as the eagle come to get it, charge and BITE! ...but, as always, my mate had to go get it every single time the eagle got closer to the ground -.- Finally, I was able to chase it away. Its so scary! Makes me so nervous.
Then, comes the strarving. The pups get hungry really fast, so instead of going in a straight line, I have to keep bringing them closer to carcasses. If they would follow me, it would be much easier! D<
I got distracted, and charged over to the next pink fume to feed the children XD But then I realized it was a pack's territory! I still tried to run away before the wolf got me, but failed ;A; Great. I'm here, and my pups are 200 meters away from me. At least my mate was there too. I Had to run all the way back.
Crossing the river was fun, except when my mate almost drowned a pup D: Why did he place then in the middle of the river??
But I made it safe and sound with all the kids :P

This is very fun! I look forward to reading your stories.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:00 pm
by Desoto343
Hey Guys! It's interesting to see all the replies. I just got another family to the summer den, once again all four survived (this is my third 100% completion)

This is the family I just completed:
My family was Remus (me), Niamph (my mate, her name is Irish. Pronounced Neev) and the pups:
Finn, Rylan, Orlaith (Pronounced Orla) and Maeve (pronounced Mayve)
The theme for the family names was Irish names. I searched "Irish names" on google and chose my favourites.

So, we lived at saddle meadows and I had recently discovered a map detailing several alternative crossing points to the one at the sandbar crossing, and one was really close by to my den! (I can't remember where the map is, but the crossing point in question was a the narrowest part or the river, very close to saddle meadows and just outside of the nearest hunting grounds. If you look at the game map it is where the river gets narrower. This shallow bit continues upstream so I would check it out before embarking on the last journey.)

I always find the hardest part of the final journey is getting all your pups down the hill and into the open. I prefer the open because there aren't any trees in the way to block your view of the eagle. The eagle came right at the very begining and attacked our den (throughout the whole journey it only ever targeted Finn and Rylan!) but once I chased it away, we were off. We crossed at the alternative crossing point and climbed little butte. We climbed up and went down the side, and that's where it all nearly went wrong...

We got to the bottom, and Niamph ran off to get food, but, DISASTER! The eagle came, and no sooner than that a bear arrived! I fought it off but I was extremely low on health. I crawled towards the eagle as it landed and somehow made it in time to get rid of it! With every bear comes a carcass so I was able to refill myself from that.

The rest of the journey went fine. In total we came across three coyotes but we all made it safely.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:07 pm
by Desoto343
This is the family I completed last week.

Shadow, Lyssa, Raksha, Olcan, Lupe and Minsi, who lived at Saddle Meadows. for this journey we travelled along the river until we reached the sandbar crossing, and were bombarded with three coyotes one after the other near the crossing. Luckily I managed to find a carcass that was helpfully placed by the river before I died. This journey was very unremarkable.

Question: Do you like to kill a few pups off before you start? If you lose a pup on the journey do you move on or do you reload? I recently developed a strict policy whereby I have a commitment to making sure every pup I ever have makes it to the summer den.

I currently only have to complete the Aspen Heights den with four pups still in tact. My wolf Luna and her mate Lupus and their four pups (same names as above) are currently half way there, but this den takes an extremely long time to complete due to its distance from the summer den. Aspen Heights is my favourite den I think.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:39 pm
by DragonflySpirit
I have done this lots of times. Only one or twice all of my pups have survived.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:13 pm
by Dust in the wind
I have done it with all my pups in the first try! :D I'm so happy,and one of my pups was a albino pup! :D but one of the pups was so unlucky!The eagle aways wanted to hunt this pup!My family of wolfs has lived in Bison Peak,the bigest part of the journey was easy ,but my mate aways was picking one of the pups and leaving it far away from the other pups and me.

My family was:Black(i can't find a better name for this wolf)-me
Grey(ok another strange name)-my mate-very inteligent sometimes
Snow-the albino pup-aways near of me and the first pup who arrived in the sumer site.
Silver-a silver pup-aways far of the rest of the family...
Biscuit-a black pup-this pup was the hard part of the feeding time...
Sunny-a black (and very unlucky) pup-and finaly the most unlucky pup(I can't understand how it was survived!)
I was gratefull not to have encountered any bear in the way, and for founding a lot of carcasses !Luckly...

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:17 pm
by Cheyanne
omigosh, mine Final Journey was so unlucky. Bob the Bear, when I was at our densite, came and killed two of my pups! I nearly cried. Then I took the other two to this tree to begin the journey. My mate (Crow) came and distracted the puppies, and the dumb eagle came and picked up one of them. Dumb eagle D:< I couldn't save her. So I picked up my last puppy and ran to the summer hunting grounds. Then I bawled my eyes out... just jk... but I was pretty annoyed. Surprisingly, I didn't see any coyotes at all! Just once, and I killed that guy super fast. Heh heh, dumb coyote. I wasn't about to let it get my pups.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:11 am
by Kristofferson
lol when me, my mate and my only surviving pup got to the den site it said i won the game and i'm like yay and stuffs, and then a eagle swoops down and picks up my only pup and flies away with it even though i finished the game, you know how disappointing that was for me :cry: lol