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Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:37 am
by yuli
I don't remember my name in the game but my pups were:
Shasta - Moon - Blacky - Cross.
Best names ever.

It was hard because there were various coyotes behind me and an eagle. It attacked right when I almost got to the star. Bringing all the pups was hard too. Whenever I went back to pick one pup my mate would bring the others back. :I Atleast they lived. x.x

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:32 pm
by Nausah
I had only completed the game with all four pups once and I guess I'll give it another try later on and see if I can do it in a different location.
I don't remember what my pups names where but my wolfs name was Emporia and my mate was Zachy... I managed to get all my pups over to the destination and scared off the eagle twice! He almost got my pups but luckily They moved away or I got there just as he swooped down. The river crossing was the hardest of all and I had to keep going back and forth for the pups and one time I even ran out of food and was close to dying before I managed to find an elk carcass.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:56 am
by Leadwolf_1227
Well, my first journey was in 2011 right before 2.5 came out. I had Holly (me), my mate (Dusty who was soooo annoying), Ivy, Dust, Storm and Winter. Winter died from drowning and Storm died from a bear right before I left. So I had Dust and Ivy. I carried Ivy to the Summer den (I lived in Aspen Heights :? :shock: ) But I was a fast wolf though I fed my pups through out the way eagles tried to snatch Ivy I bumped them, Dusty almost let Dust drown (cause my mate is an idiot) But he was safe we made it there (we swam across Sandbar crossing) I put Ivy down and I found out that my mate had put Dust down to go hunt. So I had to go all the way back to Lone tree to get him and Ivy ran off to Dusty (my mate) who was in the hunting ground by Bison peak and Ivy encountered a bear. Dusty died but respawned while fighting the bear and he brought Ivy to the summer den I brought Dust and we all howled WOO HOO I texted everyone I knew and told my my mom and my dad!! :D :mrgreen: lol

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:43 am
by SpiralStar9
my last journey was a... SUCCESS!! all my four pups made it, lived in bison, and not many bear enncounters, so thats good. :D

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:29 pm
by duskypack
My first Summer journey i kept three pups alive. Now i get super bored and do the journey for fun. My pups never die. Its the most best part of the game.


Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:12 am
by Willowpool15
My final journey was hard. We got kicked back to the other side of the river several times and two of my pups were taken by the eagle! Eventually we made it, but then only my pups North and Willow made it. We completed the journey then went back to where I had saved just outside the summer den area to continue playing and find a new den to raise my remaining pups.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:26 am
by Pelican
I never made it to the final journey. Mainly because of laziness and the Defend your Pups mission.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:46 pm
by Haramis
My last journey went completely haywire. I was at Aspen Heights, at the hidden den and by the start of the last part all my pups were healthy and well behaved... well, that's except for when things went wrong. I carried the first pup some place away, went back and got another pup, when my mate brought the third one I was hoping he would go and grab the last one, too... well, he did, apparently. I had my three pups by the sandbank, they suddenly kept crawling away, one got eaten by a bear, one chased away by the eagle. I looked out for my mate, but obviously, he was hunting. Now I was confused where the fourth pup is... and I looked around and went: Oh please don't tell me, it's that white spot over there... and yeeep, for some reason my mate brought our fourth puppy all over the map to the most far away point he could find and just left her there. Then I had to fight off a coyote and while I did that, my stupid mate drowned the puppy I left safe in sound at the sandbank -_- after that I tried to get my last pup, but apparently it glitched off the map somewhere, it wasn't even shown on the map when you press M. So I ragequitted xD (and yeah, I renamed my mate Iki on the first part of SC because he was acting all random and silly... afterwards plain stupid xD)

Edit: Just did another game... I made it with two pups. The other two unfortunately died before the journey even started (one killed by a bear, one eaten by a coyote). At first it seemed to be going fine, my mate and I were both carrying one of the remaining pups, but when I dropped off my puppy at the summer den, my stupid mate went hunting somewhere and he dropped my pup near the riverside. I went to get it, but it get killed by a bear because my stamina was a little bad at that time (not to mention the long trail I had to follow to even get near my pup). I raged, loaded the game and the second time I was somehow able to get to my pup before the bear did. Then my stupid mate came suddenly out of nowhere, carrying the pup in his fang that I already dropped off at the den... well, it should have been good because she nearly got eaten by the eagle, but he decided to chase a bear with her still inside his fang... I shouted at him, what he was doing and chased off the bear just before he could eat my mate and pup. Then he finally decided to drop my pup and... go hunting again. Gnawr... I managed to carry both pups to the summerside alive, then the game went glitchy and I couldn't pick up my pups and the eagle were getting closer and closer. Luckily, just when I was able to pick up my favourite pup, my mate arrived and I laughed loudly at the pup just floating up into the air, when the game was finished. Next game I play, I'm going to be a nomadic family... but I fear that will mean I'm only able to keep one pup alive because mates are soooo dumb.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:40 pm
by alexterri2
I JUST completed a game with my new wolf, Vasilisa. Her mate was named Mitrotas. We were at Aspen Hights. Here was the family [I'm making up the colors for the pups, since 2.5 wont let you have anything but black and albino pups, lol]

Vasilisa- My character. She was white.

Mitrotas- My mate. A light brown male wolf.

And the pups.

Choris- The oldest of the litter. Same color as her father.
Pistosi- Same color as Choris.
Prosochi- The only male in the litter, and the only one that ended up dieing. Same color as his two older sisters.
Kalos, the youngest of the litter. Again, same as her other three siblings.

Anyway, heres what happened.

We left the den, and almost immediantly, the Eagle showed up. It quickly managed to carry of Prosochi, him being the only pup that died. Afterwards, I slowly moved the pups towards the river, after coming across a bob, at least two coyotes, and one or ytwo hares. At one point, I came across a carcass, but said bob came over after I had eaten, forcing me to chase it off and use up health. I think tried to feed some more, but a coyote showed up, and I had to chase it off. Then, I just barely had enought meat left to fill my thing up to about half, but it was kind of annoying not getting a chance to have a proper meal. Then, ANOTHER coyote showed up, and I let my mate take care of it. Thankfully, I came across a hare, and I got soe more health. Then eagle returned, but it didn't carry off any more pups. Once we got to the sandbar, I fed the pups, fed myself, and carried them across, with Mitrotas helping me. Then, when Mitrotas went off the hunt for about the third time, I grabbed Choris, and ran to the clearing with her. I think dropped her there, got Kalos, and then I got Pistosi. My mate came back and.. SUCSESS!

I will be playing the game again wqith Choris. I'll let you guys know what happens.

EDIT- Here we go

Choris- Me. Tan brown she-wolf.

*Can't remember my mate sname, but he was grey-brown]

And the pups :D

San- Tan brown. Ended up dieing.

Kompazo. Tan brown, like his brother. Ended up dieing.

Asteri- Only female, and only one that lived. Tan brown.

Enas- Tan brown. Died.

The finale journey wasn't as fun as the last one, to be honest. We were at the Saddle Medows, btw. Long story short- things were going fine until about half way there, and a coyote came. As I was chasing it, for some reason, the game gliched and the pups started losing health and dying. I then grabbed my fav pup [Asteri] and ran with her. [I'm a horrible parent, I know] I crossed the sandbar with her in my mouth, and I spent the rest of the journey with her in my mouth.

I'll be playing the game with Asteri as well. :D

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:57 pm
by tuffpuppy
Well... Would you believe me if I said my first final journey I got all four to the summer den? Granted, I was saving every five seconds... (Sorry, I don't remember much because this was a long time ago so it's going to be very vague)

We started at the Aspen den and I saved before picking up a pup and starting to walk toward Sandbar Crossing. I went about ten feet before I stopped and said to myself "Well, better save in case any of my pups die."
Ten feet later: "Better save again."
And again.
And again.
And again.
I actually never had to use the saves though, because I'm one of those people that gets really into games, so every time something was putting my pups in danger I was like "NO YOU DONT!!!!" and I'd chase it away, I was also lucky enough to have a mate with an IQ higher than 2.
When we got to Sandbar Crossing I didn't know that a wolf chases you if you step in the territory, so I just walked straight through. Then that music came on and I saw the wolf chasing me and I started running going "NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!" And freaked out my parents a little. The wolf caught me, and then I found out that it just teleports you back a bit.
Then I got to the den and yaaaay happy ending! Well, no. A hawk came and carried away Mako (my youngest pup and the only one whose name I can remember) while we were all doing the howling animation at the end. So YAY I got to end my first game with the words: Your pup Mako is going to die. Your pup Mako has died.
He was my favorite, too :cry:

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:32 am
by Lunawolf25
It's kinda hard even though my den was at bion peak, because I have to cross the river just to get to the other side which I cant remember how to spell it... So yeah... And when my mission is complete game is over, a random eagle took one of my pups called Mystic lol

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:40 pm
by Floratheblackwolf
My first final journey I had:

Darkfur (me)

Wolf (my mate)





I think River and one other pup (can't remember who) died of a bear attack. I reached the mission of the final journey and I saw the eagle and panicked. o.o So I was walking back and forth, because I thought the eagle would attack like they normally do, swoop down and snatch the pup up. After about 10 minutes of this, I freaked out and quit the game and curled in a corner for about an hour. lol So after I a while I was braver, and made the final journey with two pups, then I think Click died of hunger, and I carried poor Pebble to the star and we howled.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:31 am
by Kindwing
My first journey wasn't too bad because I was so worried that I studied a bunch of final journey guides and made out a whole specific route we could go on. There me, Hunter, my mate, Solar, then my pups Star (the albino puppy), Huntress, Deerspot, and Moon. When we first started it was disaster because at first it looked like no one was following me! But when we got a good distance from the den, we did pretty good. For me food was more of a concern than predators, so before we left I found sort of a "trail" of elk carcasses that acted like checkpoints. I'd use up everything in the pup food bar halfway there, then refill the bar and feed them again when we got to the carcass. Most of my pups managed to cross the river by themselves, and from then on as long as we took care of coyotes and eagles we were fine :D (But the second time I tried to go on the final journey was a disaster :x)

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:43 am
by von Wolfie
When we (me, my mate, and our only surviving pup, Wolf) we were at Saddle Meadows. I felt that the default game method of Shepherding was Difficult, Dangerous and Useless so I carried the pup in my mouth. The eagle didn't manage to cause any trouble and nor did any other predator. The journey was simple; pick up the pup, RUN,
cross the creek in a hurry, and get there by running. No trouble.

Re: Your Final Journey

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:39 pm
by MistyWolf10101
In my first game, I still had three pups left at the start. Star got snatched by the eagle before we had even left our territory. I managed to get Lily and Jay to the summer den site from Saddle Meadows. Then, the eagle showed up, just as we all started howling. It was really weird, but I think it couldn't get to the pups, since it was the end of the game.

In my second game, I was at East Creek, and still had all four pups at the start. I carried Esarosa, the white pup, most of the time, because I didn't want her to die. Once, she almost died, but I reloaded the game just in time. I also figured out how to get my mate, Wolfgang, to carry the pups to me. I just picked one up, ran ahead, and waited for him to catch up. Then I turned back toward the pups, went that way for a second and he got the message and went and brought a pup to me. I used that helpful tactic multiple times. Then, I got worried, because Esarosa, Wulfric, and Accaila were all at the new den, but Wolfgang had spontaneously carried Lupe INTO ENEMY TERRITORY! And SHE WAS HUNGRY! I was going to go try to get her myself, but then my crazy mate got his marbles back, and brought her to me. We won. Yay! Happy ending! :mrgreen: